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Puppy Nibbles and Bites.

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Hi all, I have a 12 week old doodle that really likes to nip at my 8 year old and 5 year olds heals. Is 3 months old a big teething time fr pups/ Oliver hasn't chewed shoes or anything he's not supposed to (yet) but he likes to nip at the kids heels and clothes. Any suggestions to get him to stop We just say NO and direct him to a che toy. Is this the thing to do and how long does it take for them to 'get it' I've never had a puppy who likes to nip so much. He nips at our inlaws dogs heels too.

Thanks, :D
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Hi there,

Bailey is 6 months old and he was such a nipper too!! My sons are 5 and 7 and would get so upset with the biting. I noticed a big turn around at about 5 months. We were just very persistent with saying 'no bite' and I made the boys say it firmly all the time while closing their hand around his snout (I'm not sure that was the best way to do it but it worked). Another thing I did was make sure the boys showed some dominance around Bailey. One way to do this is to have the kids feed the pup his food. I have the boys fill the bowl, hold it up and have Bailey sit before giving it to him. My 5 year old got very good at being dominating to Bailey and he stopped nipping him quickly. The 7 year old would just get upset and skittish which would make Bailey do it more. Eventually it did stop for him to. Good luck.
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