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woody06 said:
Actually for me my DD was a piece of cake.She was and still is very laid back.Was a very good baby and get's better and better with age.She is also very respectful of animals.So if we do get a puppy it will be a big change in our quiet home.I just informed DD about some of what I have been reading about doodles.The nipping,and potty training etc .I told her it will be allot of work for a while.We will not be able to ever leave him or her roaming around.She seemed a little concerned about all of that.But that is why I am doing my homework.I want to make sure this is the pet for us.They seem like sweet animals but there is allot of work when they are young.
any puppy of any breed is work but remember what you do in beginning and reinforce over time....
...well you do get to "easy street" so to speak.
Max who's going on 3yrs old was one of the easiest puppies i've ever raised. He didn't chew things up, he trained both in potty and OB
very quickly and easily, he didn't nip or jump alot, stuck by our side 24/7, but man he could howl like no other hound dog if he got crated :lol:
Peanut was quick to learn but a little pisser, full of energy till she hit 11mos old then matured. NOW she is the most laid back sweetest dog.

I have NOT one regret having 2 puppies 5mos apart, i stayed in shape walking them :lol: , love their affection along with comical
antics----->i'd say puppies do give you a better sense of humor ( as do having kids and a "other" half)

seriously, raising a puppy isn't hard rather it's being consistent, attentative, doing training with lots of praise and some treats etc
but in the long run it pays off bigtime in a relatively short time. OH dogs give us UNConditional love too. :D

when you raised your daughter you taught her" No yes and that's right", gave her praise, potty trained her and much much more
same with apuppy but done in a shorter time frame. :mrgreen:

i had 3 kids........2 were pistols and one was so calm sweet and didn't give me a headache till he hit about 15yrs old hahhaaa
Raising my 2 doodles was MUCH EASIER than kids hahahaaaaaaaaaaa (way easier hahhaaaaaaaaaa)
in fact there's a blog article i wrote joking around how much easier puppies are than kids :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS go for the temperament of the dog that suits you and your family, makes life alot easier
we go for the more laid back easy going dogs but with a wee bit of humous devil in them, keeps my house from being dull :lol:

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woody06 said:
How do you pick temperment?Is that something the breeder would know because of the mother and father.
It seems that the good breeders really are able to do a great job in picking a puppy that will be a good match for you, I know that's what Todd did for us we just told him what we were looking for and Beck ended up being more than perfect for us and as a companion for our cranky old Australian Shepherd. And from what Cindy is saying, Maureen picked the perfect puppy for her as well. Just make sure you find a good breeder because I knew an Akita breeder who would 'claim' to be picking a pup with the perfect temperment, when in actuality she was pushing off the less desirable pups in terms of show conformation to people who left it up to her to pick one. The breeders on this forum can't advertise litters in the forums, so you would need to do your homework and seek one of them out through their website, or by private message. (I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that, I'm not advertising for them, but in my experience, the breeders on this forum are world class)

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Hi to everyone.

Does anyone feel like me? I love my puppy so much so don't take my words wrong. But, he's 4 months old and into everything. I have to watch him every second. And, he back talks me. When I say "NO", he barks back at me. He's been trying to take food from my kids at the kitchen table. He also is trying to get under my couch because he wants to eat the fabric. So, everything is sprayed with bitter apple in my house. I always wondered who would need the large size Bitter Apple bottle!

Plus, he goes potty great. But, every now and then he just potty's on the floor right in front of me. I say "Phooie" and rush him outside. Last night, he did it twice right by my couch :x :x ! I was not happy!

We have to watch him every second. When we can't watch him, he's in his kennel. We exercise daily, play, go to training and all the puppy stuff. But, he just wants more, more, more attention. I don't remember my kids taking this much work.

I am exhausted. I need puppy respite. Anyone feel the same way?
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