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Hey everybody... the insanity will end soon! Summer has calmed down a lot... she is 10 months old now. It flies by so fast! She is really mellow and calm in the house now, but she also gets tons of exercise. I think that exercise is really important- a tired dog is a good dog. We just started leaving Summer out of the crate while we make quick trips to the store... she was alone for 2 hours yesterday and didn't chew anything or pee in the house! YAY! But I was in the same boat all of you were in a few months ago. I used to yell at Summer all the time saying "I should have bought a cat!". I think the dog park has been very important- she comes home and sleeps for hours! Doggie daycare could also work well for some of you... if you just need a day off! We used it when we were really busy and knew that we wouldn't be able to give Summer any time or exercise. Cesar Millan is GREAT- I apply all of his theories... His DVD is also a great tool. It says every day you need to give them exercise, discipline, then affection... in that order, to have a balanced dog. Also, their energy builds, so if they don't get exercise one day, they will have double the next day! Good luck, keep 'em busy, and know that someday you won't need to constantly watch them!

Bridget and Summer
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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