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Hi to everyone.

Does anyone feel like me? I love my puppy so much so don't take my words wrong. But, he's 4 months old and into everything. I have to watch him every second. And, he back talks me. When I say "NO", he barks back at me. He's been trying to take food from my kids at the kitchen table. He also is trying to get under my couch because he wants to eat the fabric. So, everything is sprayed with bitter apple in my house. I always wondered who would need the large size Bitter Apple bottle!

Plus, he goes potty great. But, every now and then he just potty's on the floor right in front of me. I say "Phooie" and rush him outside. Last night, he did it twice right by my couch :x :x ! I was not happy!

We have to watch him every second. When we can't watch him, he's in his kennel. We exercise daily, play, go to training and all the puppy stuff. But, he just wants more, more, more attention. I don't remember my kids taking this much work.

I am exhausted. I need puppy respite. Anyone feel the same way?
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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