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Puppy Mill Rescue

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Did you guys see this news release about the massive puppy mill rescue in virgina? 980 dogs were taken from this puppy mill that had over 1000. Most all of them are small breed dogs. Some of them look a lot like my little girl. The Humane Society is distributing the dogs to shelters up and down the eastern seaboard for adoption.

Can you imagine 1000 dogs?

The little video clip on this page is an amazing look at the rescue effort:
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It's so sad, yet a happy occasion that now those poor babies will get a chance at a better life!!
Hopefully the dogs & pups will find loving homes as soon as they're able to be released for adoption. What a sad, sad situation. :cry:
They have rescued 980 (*estimate, not confirmed) yet he KEPT 200 of his dogs/puppies?!

And he admits his situation was out of hand??
i know, this situation is just insane! I live in VA, so I've been hearing loads about it- but all of our shelters and rescues and such in the area are completely packed, but from what i've been seeing many of the dogs have actually already been adopted (well first they're being checked and treated for health and temperment) but most of the dogs already have several people wanting them!
it's just incredible!
Its absolutely heartbreaking....

But on the plus side, its getting a lot of airtime, I imagine. I hate to admit it, but we don't watch the news, so is it coming on the national news? Perhaps some of these videos will enlighten buyers, one can only hope. But I was also amazed at how quickly these dogs are getting adopted. It's really nice to see the public outreach like that.

I really hope puppy mills get shut down! Its a shame. But if you saw the next video about the undercover operations that were going on in VA, most of the breeders aren't licensed, which is ultimately where the problem begins. No one knows they exist, so they can't be regulated. It's horrible.
That's insane.
NO ONE can take decent care of that many. I can't understand why they let him keep ANY... especially since he wasn't registered or licensed as he should have been. Seems like only a matter of time before they'll be right back out there doing it again.
If people would stop buying dogs and cats from petstores also! I have a friend that worked for a major Pet store that sold "mill" puppies. After she was told she had to sell puppies with obvious health problems, she and 3 of her co-workers walked out!
I SO agree Gene. I have a little dog related blog on my puppy site and in it, did one about puppy mills and pet stores that sell them. The very idea of it makes me sick. I can see by my stat counter that quite a few have read that particular entry, so hopefully it will help to spread the word.

If those of us who know and love dogs don't try to educate people about it, who's going to?
This is bittersweet.................
Thank God they are rescued!!!
I could barely watch the heartbreaking to see that this goes on. A big hug from me and Bailey to all of you wonderful loving breeders on this forum!
Wow thanks for posting... So sad but at least they are saved now. :(
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