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Puppy Breath

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Ok, Sandy's breath is beginning to STINK - its gotten worse since he got here and became more active... Any tips to help us breath a little better when he's in our face? I'll buy ANYTHING to help it!

Otherwise he's just perfect :D
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Ok.first.....ALL puppies have "PUPPY BREATH" some love it some don't like it. I don't remember how long it takes till it stops. a few weeks? anyway, Kirsten it will alleviate soon and then one day you'll go" wow, no more puppy breath" :wink: :D :D
If he were much older then i'd be concerned but for now it's part of the package of puppyhood. Like the puppy fur smell wet little chins dripping water all over, huge poops for tiny doodles hahahhahaa and so on!!!

ohhhh i just went down memory lane :D kristen in early Feb Peanut was only 9 weeks old, 13 in high, and such a baby. NOW she's 4.5mos old, 19in high, 30lbs, and still a baby without puppy breath :wink: They grow (up) soooooooo fast!!!! :D :D :D
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