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Puppy birth announcement!

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Canada (my black lab) delivered 12 Labradoodle puppies this morning!
I "think" she's finally done. She was a real trooper! She's trusting me to be in with her, to handle the pups, and seems quite thrilled with herself.

We had one stillborn that we couldn't revive, and of course it had to be a darker red color like I was hoping for... plus 9 healthy yellows of varying shades, and 2 black. I just had to let you all know!
They all seem strong and healthy!
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Awww congratulations!!! So sorry to hear about the one little pup, but thrilled the rest are healthy.

Of course now you know you have to post pictures, right? Can't wait to see them!!
Congrats on your new babies.
One more little baby :cry: is with the angels at Rainbow bridge.
So very excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures Pleassssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeee
We have one black male, one black female... 3 yellow females, 4 yellow malesand 2 males that look apricot like moses.

OMG they're so round and sweet! It had been far too long since I've had my hands on a newborn. I'm in heaven!
Congrats on your new puppies! :D
I'm so sorry to hear of the one little baby but thrilled to hear the others are healthy and Mom is trusting you to help her out.

We need pictures!!!!!!!
Congrats!!!!! glad to hear all went well with all but one that is now in puppy heaven.

May god watch over all of you. :D

ps NEED PICS when you get time...thanks
Make that 2 black females. She had one more after I posted!
So we now had a bakers dozen with an even dozen survivors.

This is the first one I've gotten a picture of so far.
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Hearty congratulations Tink! What fun is in store for you now!
That is a huge litter...wowie!
Your little red baby is at the Rainbow bridge with my three little is a difficult thing, losing a pup, but you are blessed to have such a large, healthy litter!
I am so happy for you!
(I am sitting here with two puppy hickies on my chin...ah, but I enjoyed getting those! :wink: )
Holy cow! I was posting and you were having another! Whew!
That is great!
Beautiful coat on that little love!
Be careful, you just might come close to our double litter...we have 22 puppies! LOL
Here's the last born black female of the litter.

I love her scrunchy little face!

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ohhhhhhhh newborn puppy fix yesssssssssssssssssssssss
awhhhhhh!!! so cute!! I can't wait to see them all together :)
Congrats!! And say goodbye to sleeping for a while..... :wink:
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet, I'm sorry you lost one of the babies Hope Mama and rest of babies are doing ok
Congrats on the oddles and oodles of doodles!!!
Thanks all.
I know I had a rough start with this... things didn't go like I would have planned had I had all the correct info about the girls.
Yet these pups are so nice and I'm just so blessed to be able to share this with you all.
Congrats! Can't wait to see photos!
How beautiful they are Tink! Congratulations on your new babies!!! You've got your hands full! :D :D More pics of all of them when you get a chance! :wink:
I'm loading the little buggers up for a visit to Dr B tommorrow. They'll get an exam and dews removed. So while I have them all out and gathered, I'll try to get some decent pictures of the whole brood. I'm reluctant to keep bugging Canada any more than necessary right now. She's been an angel about it, but even she might have her limit. I'm thinking an extra 5 or 10 minutes tomorrow to take pics won't make much difference to her in the grand scheme of things.

I hope mine turns out as cute as Jacs avatar with the little black head surrounded by cream. I LOVE that picture!
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