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Puppies coming soon....

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Finally after all this waiting my female and male have mated! I am keeping my fingers crossed for puppies!! I have just had a new baby myself so i will be busy when they come. This will be my first litter if she takes. I am sure I will drive you guys crazy with question.
Terri Lynn
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Congrats Molly, how exciting, hope all goes well!

Sarah :wink:
Yaaaayyyyy!!! Congratulations Molly and Murphy!! We are going to have neice-puppies and nephew-puppies!!!

I can't wait!!! Now I will see what Chase and Rosie's pups will look like!!! This is so exciting, Terri Lynn!

Almost (not quite, but almost) as exciting as the birth of your beautiful new son! Congratultions on both have a blessed household these days!
Congratulations on both counts Molly :) You are going to be a very busy lady. I am also excited to see pics of the F1b goldendoodles since I plan on having a litter or two in the future also.
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