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I don't think that you need to keep them from going up and down small stairs, but I do think it is bad for large stairs and especially if they are running and tumbling on them.
My information comes from a vet who specializes in hip problems...he is the vet that did the PennHip testing on all of my dogs and he said that you should be very careful when excercising dogs, especially large breed dogs.
They are growing quickly, their growth plates are not solid and yes, they can become injured.
I guess that you should discuss it with your vet and then make an informed decision. All vets do not agree on all any other profession, experts will not see things the same way.
But my information came from a vet that I trust very much, during a candid and specific discussion about my dog's hips.
I have read that 18 months is the time when a dog is finished growing and that is why, I believe, the limit for rough play and exercise is at 18 months of age.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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