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Hi there! I just found out about the "no stairs" thing too. Mind you my pup is only 11 weeks old. However, I was surprised that neither my breeder or my vet told me about it. We were exercising Sage on the stairs (luckily only for a couple of days) when I read about it here on this forum. Thank goodness I did--I would have hated to do anything that would cause her future problems. Anyway, I believe that the guideline is not until 18 months for stairs and running (I think mostly on hard surfaces) or jumping when they land on their back legs. I think a few stairs are okay, at least I hope so. Sage has to go up and down a couple of stairs to go potty outside, and also in and out of our sunken living room. I can't picture carrying her everytime she comes or goes from the living room :lol: Anyhow, I imagine that you have read a lot from this forum already (I know I have) and probably already read a post or two regarding this, but just in case you hadn't. :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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