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just got a doodle a few days ago and love him so much. his name is gus and he is 8 months old. a few quick questions for a new mom:

1) why does he urinate when he is punished? (chewed up some things the other day while we were at church. we both fussed at him, without raising our voices, but he still tucked his tail and peed)

2) he goes everywhere with us pretty much but when he is left alone he is overly excited when we get home; jumping and going nuts...he normally has a calm demeanor. i dont like him jumping up on me so forcefully. anyother time the jumping is not a problem.

thanks for the help, any other tips would be greatly appreciated
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We have a foster dog who is 8 months old and have seen similar behavior. I think your dog is going through an adjustment phase. I'm sure he has some security issues. He doesn't know for sure yet if his new home is his forever home. He doesn't know your routine and what to expect. When you leave him, he doesn't know if/when you are returning.

We have seen such an improvement with our doodle over the past few days. I'm sure you will see him settle down.

If he continues to be overly excited when you return, you can help by making your entry as non-eventful as possible. Come in quietly, don't fuss over him right away. If he jumps, correct him and hold him so he doesn't try to jump again. Ask him to sit and give him a treat for behaving.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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