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just got a doodle a few days ago and love him so much. his name is gus and he is 8 months old. a few quick questions for a new mom:

1) why does he urinate when he is punished? (chewed up some things the other day while we were at church. we both fussed at him, without raising our voices, but he still tucked his tail and peed)

2) he goes everywhere with us pretty much but when he is left alone he is overly excited when we get home; jumping and going nuts...he normally has a calm demeanor. i dont like him jumping up on me so forcefully. anyother time the jumping is not a problem.

thanks for the help, any other tips would be greatly appreciated
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You didn't say where you got him, but at 8 months, he may have some separation anxiety issues. Tyke spends so much time with me, that she does the same thing when I leave her. She jumps up on me and grabs my hands when I come back. The trainer we are working with told me to simply ignore her for about 5 minutes when I first come in - once she realizes that it is no big deal when I leave and come back, she should calm down. She hasn't stopped completely yet, but she is getting better. When she jumps on me, I turn my back to her and ignore her, and if she persists, she gets time out in the kitchen (but never in her crate!).
As for the peeing, maybe that is nerves or excitement. Tyke doesn't pee when we fuss at her, but she still does when she is excited to meet someone new. Depending on the behavior you are trying to correct, maybe ignoring him would be better than fussing. If he keeps it up, you may want to check with your vet just to make sure there isn't some sort of physical problem. It may just be that he is a pretty submissive dog who is nervous and just getting used to new surroundings.
Hope that helps!
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chewed up some things the other day while we were at church. we both fussed at him, without raising our voices, but he still tucked his tail and peed
Thom, did you see him chewing up things, or discover them after you got home? If you don't correct dogs while they are misbehaving, trying to correct them later doesn't help much - your pup probably had no idea what you were fussing about. As hard as it may be sometimes, I've found that I have to ignore the results of bad behavior that I didn't see occurring. If you do see him chewing on something, stop him and hand him something that he is allowed to chew on, like one of his toys. When he starts to chew on the toy, then praise him. He'll get the idea soon enough!
Annmarie, you are so right! Tyke is 5 months now, and it's like she's in the middle of the terrible two's or even MORE terrible 3's!! I swear sometimes I can see her sprouting horns sometimes :twisted:, and then she looks like an absolute angel at other times! I'll bet three of them really IS a handful!!
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