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just got a doodle a few days ago and love him so much. his name is gus and he is 8 months old. a few quick questions for a new mom:

1) why does he urinate when he is punished? (chewed up some things the other day while we were at church. we both fussed at him, without raising our voices, but he still tucked his tail and peed)

2) he goes everywhere with us pretty much but when he is left alone he is overly excited when we get home; jumping and going nuts...he normally has a calm demeanor. i dont like him jumping up on me so forcefully. anyother time the jumping is not a problem.

thanks for the help, any other tips would be greatly appreciated
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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Emily did that the other day. I got upset with her because she was complainin so much about being in the crate for 30 min after I took her to the dog park. for 2hrs ( :) :) ) She knew I was really not happy with all the crying and when she came out of the crate she squat and peed right in front of me .... I really had to hold myself back... :D now I am cereful about the way I talk to her... They really know how to control us I guess
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