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Protect your bones at all times!

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I caught Toby sleeping last night, I was quite amused! I could see his eyes slowly moving back and forth.

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My old Springer Spaniel (16 and a half) has always slept with her legs in the air and now the baby Mia (mini doodle) is doing the same thing although it took her about 3 weeks at our house to get comfortable enough to expose her belly even for a pet.
In our house this position has a name -- "Belly to the breeze" -- because as I said in an earlier post we've seen it for 16 years with out old dog. In fact she used to do this even when awake and particularly if she met another dog while out for a walk.
She has always been a very submissive dog and would adopt this position to send the message "I am no threat to you!" Sometimes she would flop on the ground and roll over if she spotted another dog at the end of the block ... just to be sure. :roll:
Thought I'd add another doodle belly to the mix. When I turned around from my computer tonight I caught Mia with her "belly to the breeze" right behind my chair. Almost rolled over her. :)

The camera flash woke her up though, and she was ready for a game.

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