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Protect your bones at all times!

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I caught Toby sleeping last night, I was quite amused! I could see his eyes slowly moving back and forth.

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hahahaaha I love it...half in the classic legs up mode with bone in mouth!! maybe TOBY thinks dragon dog Lani might steal it ???
BLUETEAL...i used to have a Bengal cat and one pappilon that both slept with all four legs up in the air. hahahaha it looked like they had rigor-mortis!!! hahahahhaha first time it scared me till I realized they were sleeping! :D
as long as a doodle doesn't belly up to the bar...we're ok!! hahhahaa
Did someone here say WHO"S bed is it???
It's the Doodles bed that they LET us sleep in with them for comfort! :shock:
ASK Jac...she has 5, wonder if she meant she has twin king beds? :wink:
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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