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Process for Shipping?

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A gentleman from Montana is buying a pup from me in Wisconsin. He will be responsible for getting the pup out there, but would like any information available on air travel for dogs.

I know some breeders do ship. Anyone have info I can give him?

Also, he is buying a 2nd dog--a lab pup--also from Wisconsin. Any suggestions if the pups would fly better together (they won't know each other) or better separately?

Thanks to all for your help.
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Only puppies from the same litter can ship in the same crate together. You need to do the research for your airport and find out who ships out of there and to the final destination. You will have to take care of everything on your end including payment, but you will need detailed info from the consignee so that he will be authorized to pick the puppy up at the airport.
I would recommend you making the arrangements!

I would not be comfortable doing it any other way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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