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Prices of labradoodles

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I see on most websites labradoodles costing anywhere from $800 - $2000. I read in our local paper yesterday that someone was selling pups for $150 - $250. They didn't give any other information. What questions would I ask the breeder to make sure the pups are "ok"?

I'm not saying they have to be expensive but this was such a drastic difference, I'm wondering why.
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burkhart kennels

my fiancee and i bought a labradoodle puppy from this breeder in august 2007 and he is absolutely AMAZING!!! we couldn't have asked for a better dog!!!
the important thing is that the parents are on site, ALL the dogs have excellent temperaments, and all the puppies have a 2 yr health guarantee. our puppy (jackson) is almost 9 months now and we have had absolutely NO issues with him. he took to training VERY quickly, didn't ruin ANYTHING in the house (he shredded a kleenex ONCE, that was the worst), is excellent with other dogs, and is extremely calm with children and babies! i would not hestitate to purchase a dog from them again. my biggest advice would be select your puppy based on your needs; watch them play, observe which ones greet you first (these are going to be the more dominate ones, which will translate into adulthood). if you're a first time dog owner, you may want to select a more submissive puppy, just for the simple reason they will not challenge you as much. if you're experienced dog owner, you might be able to handle a less submissive dog. also remember, since labradoodles aren't an official breed (more breeders would see them as glorified "muts") there is still a lot of variation that can happen (ie. coat changes, size, ect). our doodle currently weighs 65lbs at almost 9 months. we're expecting him to push 100lbs when all is said and done. he was also twice the size of the other puppies in his litter so we were prepared for him to be a little larger. just keep these things in mind.
just remember, you can get a good dog anywhere. it's more about educating yourself and picking a dog that best suits you and your lifestyle.
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thanks for the welcome!
i can see from your profile that you are a doodle breeder. by no means did i mean to offend you or any doodle breeder with my "glorified mut" comment. all i was trying to point out was that doodles are not an AKC registered breed and that an association like that usually sees things like doodles or any mixes as "glorified muts" or i've also heard them be referred to as designer dogs. anyone who is breeding any dog should definately be making sure the dogs they are breeding are of good quality and temperment. i am not discrediting that at all. there are definately standards that need to upheld with any breeder. i was more interested in pointing out that doodles are still new to north america and you can still come across many variations because of it (interms of coat, colour, size, energy level ect.). ultimately it's your decision when you pick a puppy (although if purchased from a breeder, they should most definately be assisting you) and if you have not properly educated yourself on the breed you are selecting and your specific needs, you have no one to blame but yourself if the dog does not fit your life.
as for my breeder where i purchased my puppy, the care given to the dogs is excellent (the kennels were clean, parents on site ect.) my puppy actually knew his name when i brought him home. personally, i don't think not microchipping should be a major deturant from purchasing a puppy. if it is important to you as a breeder, that's great! they do not charge extra for "cute" or "good" puppies. our puppy was definately not cheap, nor was he overpriced. we payed good money for a good quality dog. we were asked MANY questions about our home and lifestyle (house? fenced yard? plan on having children? when? ect.) the puppies are all vet checked, have their shots and are dewormed when you pick them up. you also get a bag of food so you can continue feeding them the food they have been on or change it without upsetting their little tummies. in fact, there is a service dog training facility in our area (i live about 20mins from burkhart) that trains dogs to became service dogs for autistic children and on several occasions, burkhart puppies have gone threw the program and graduated! if an association like that, who has extremely high standards, is accepting puppies from my breeder, i think the quality of their dogs speaks for itself. once again, i decided to post something because i had actually been to the breeder and purchased a puppy. i just felt that purhaps my knowledge of them would helpful, opposed to just reading their website

PS Please Pm me for the name of my breeder, thanks
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