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Prices of labradoodles

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I see on most websites labradoodles costing anywhere from $800 - $2000. I read in our local paper yesterday that someone was selling pups for $150 - $250. They didn't give any other information. What questions would I ask the breeder to make sure the pups are "ok"?

I'm not saying they have to be expensive but this was such a drastic difference, I'm wondering why.
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I would consider what the breeder does with the pup to determine if it is worth it to pay more. We just got our second dog (an F1 labradoodle) ($1250) and paid more than double what we paid for our purebred beagle ($550). BUT I notice a huge difference in training the pups and their handling. My labradoodle breeder worked alot with the pups from day 3 doing some stimulation exercises and then after 16 days practiced alot of handling exercises from the Art of Raising A Puppy by the Monks of New Skete. For the more timid pups she works with them more to help bring them out. All her work and efforts is definitely worth the money and produces more sound happy companions.

From the first day I picked up my pup you can tell that he really loves and trusts humans, he is a good follower and sits right by your feet most of the time (except when playing with our beagle) and has good recall already, housetrained like a dream, I can touch and handle his paws or ears or anything without objection whereas my beagle was completely opposite - and I had to bring him to professional groomers to cut his nails and it took two of them to keep him still!

So I was really impressed with my pup that I paid lots of money for.... and he has a health guarantee for 3 years for hips etc.

The only thing my pup does not like is his crate - he whines and cries when he is in there - but today is only day 6 with us and I am sure that he will come around.
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