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Prices of labradoodles

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I see on most websites labradoodles costing anywhere from $800 - $2000. I read in our local paper yesterday that someone was selling pups for $150 - $250. They didn't give any other information. What questions would I ask the breeder to make sure the pups are "ok"?

I'm not saying they have to be expensive but this was such a drastic difference, I'm wondering why.
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HI everyone ...just a reminder to read rules.

putting "PM me for my breeder's name "is acceptable.
thanks :D

YES we can say" does anyone know of or have gotten a puppy from such and such breeder in Anywhere, Montana?"in order to help each other out.

but further SPECIFICS like a breeder's personal name and/or kennel name, website should then be via pm's with links , names etc in private for both advertising and in rare cases of slander when differing opinions or experience may crop up.

so when discussing what breeder you have used please discuss it more generically and leave names to pms. (PM=private message or emails)

Thanks so much :D
IN a way all these most recent replies are indirectly related to the topic , Prices of doodles.

lots of good points were brought up about the origin of the doodle , why it was created : temperament, intelligence, health etc for service/therapy.

HOWEVER when choosing a doodle YES they have been mixed with other breeds to bring about the LD and GD's.
THUS a slight deviation from the parental heritage used for breeding.

So whether you pay $200, $700, $1200, or even $2500
I'd say if AFTER your reasearch, you still want a doodle
PICK OUT THE TEMPERAMENT 1st above all as this dog will live 10 to 15years with you. Coat, color, etc will all fall into place if you get the DOODLE for you.

do you hike? do you like to watch movies on the couch at night or do you like to take long walks daily?
do you work all day and not home til 9 or more hours later? do you also get up early to allow enough exercise before crating and then after getting home?

I feel the above is very related cause NO matter what you pay,
if you dont' consider you and your family;s personality, lifestyle and the type of dog's temperament/personality too
you take a chance then on getting the cute color and coat you wanted but maybe not the lifelong companion you imagined.
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Thanks Jac and Nancy

for me i am very passionate about both :being a doodle owner and the breeding part as well.
Also i love genetics and am now writing a basic genetic book with breeding schemes for breeders
in reality researching talking and even paying top notch dollar....the personality of the dog with it's health from parents needs to be TOP Priority

Cause a breeder can have the most awesome nonshedding great healthy doodle for you........but if you aren't totally honest in how you like to live life then trying to pair up a doodle may not be optimal.

also NOTE: most doodles do go thru stages at 4, 6, 8 and 10mos that can drive you up a wall at times ..........same as the stages in a way a kid goes thru from ages 1yr old to 6yrs old. ALL DOODLES need either daily in-home training or at least one obedience class. It really can make the difference in a dog respecting you and showing more love than the doodle who's owners end up frustrated at not knowing what to do and spending $$$ and feeling they didn't make a wise choice or the breeder wasn't giving them the dog they wanted.
IF you're a couch potato on weekends and want the super laid back puppy , say it. If you are adventuresome , hiking, camping etc , say it
but please no dog raises itself as no kid does either. Training helps bonding, showing how the leader is, gives your doodle a task to do as they're very intelligent dogs....and is the right caring parental thing to do.

So KEEP in mind price usually is related to reputable breeders trying to select, raise only the best in temperament, health, structure, careful testing, training and they do have to pass on these costs as they can't breed dogs for FREE
also to give warranties on health can be costly if the unknown were to crop up.
Also remember: breeders who don't allow visits are really keeping their puppies safe from deadly illness like PARVO and they are able to uphold their healthiness and warranty they guarantee.

Abreeder and prospective doodle owner-to-be need to both be honest, upfront and easily able to both ask and answer all questions with a a compatibility that feels good.
as much as YOU want to buy a puppy that is GREAT for you, a breeder is also trying to ensure that their puppy is goign to a GREAT family that reallyis compatible with the puppy chosen.

so price usually is in comparision to reputation of most breeders who if they test will easily offer up results if asked. And most give lifetime support for questions down the line.

if not this forum is one great place to get TONS of help, support, advice and even laughter when you want to scream hahahhaaaaaaaaaaa
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Island Doodle....if you go back a few posts on here
you'll see 1st they were created to be a service/guide dog and it took considerable breeding to obtain the right doodle this was back in 1988

doodles weren't offered til around 1998 to breeders and general public

Now the breeding stock of both doodles and poodles can run quite a bit of money $5000-$18,000

if you read back a few posts in here we discussed this and other reasons such as testing breeding dogs and sometimes even a puppy or two to ensure good health temperament, allergy friendly coat etc.

other breeds were developed years before Doodles.

I do know however that AKC breeds for sale that come from excellent show lines and breeding ...a puppy like a bull mastiff is bare min of $1200 to $1800 for a pet puppy

want to breed one? the prices goes way up

so enter the costs of testing, the price of a puppy that MIGHT be good or getting a proven dam or sire, along with food and vet costs, advertising,
website, supplies, kennels,etc
then the cost of a dog is in comparision to the price
as it is a business and many breeders do NOT make big profits, rather they do it for the love of the breed and to produce the best
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Island doodle , wow i feel bad for those doodles as till now never heard of anything like this.

I do know if your doodle has a HAIR coat (meaning more like a lab) it should NEVER be shaved down.

and remember, there will always be differences of prices, dogs, and opinions. It's how things work in our world.

the Aussie's arent the main reason for others here stated.

the LIFETIME Warranty...I do know that breeders who do that mean they'll replace a puppy or OFFER LIFETIME SUPPORT meaning advice etc

i'd really love to see a contract and breeder that gives lifetime warranty
as I am curious as to what would be covered.
also what if a breeder stops breeding and say 6 years later a dog develops a defect such a Hip Dyslpasia which could be normal at that age and/or possibly due to incorrect diet and exercise as a puppy?

OK that was just outloud thoughts as NOW i took this off topic

Original TOPIC still is Prices of Labradoodles:

To me the price is a personal preference and we all set our standards differently. ME? i waited over 10years to get a doodle as years ago they cost alot more than $2500.
so yes price has come down compared to 1998.
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and YES sometimes if a breeder has an OLDER puppy due to various reasons the price can down , such as:

1. puppy was quieter than rest and people don't want that or they want a bouncy energetic puppy
2. the breeder had ALL BLACK doodles and for some reason this time people want Chocolate or Red and not black .....then later on you have all reds and someone wants ONLY a cream ONE
3. Some breeders also sell puppies older as giving time for littermate socialization, weaning, shots etc
AND so many people think at times the younger the puppy the better

island doodle.......there are so many reasons and factors as to why a breeder might discount a puppy
I know of times when a family really wants one and the breeder sees a great family with tons of love and gets heartfelt.......and yes a price can go down.

flip side: I've seen some breeders that CHARGE MORE $$ for an older puppy since they're housebroken, trained with commands, crate trained and well socialized

So why do some people get a landcruiser for $10K less than the asking price while others pay sticker price?
LIke i've always said, parallel to
who came 1st chicken or egg?
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