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Tenzin, our second doodle, an 8/9 week old boy will arrive in 4 to 5 weeks.

Jofi is currently around 7 months old. Things went smoothly when she was a puppy but I'm now wondering what extra things I have to plan for given Tenzin will be our second dog.

What things will I have to do differently this time given Jofi is already here and is a lively adolescent?

Some tips would be really helpful. I want to make sure everything is ready and prepared for Tenzin.

With Jofi we used a large pen in the living room. This time I'd rather keep Tenzin contained in the kitchen as her 'pen' and use a bench (Jofi didn't get on with the bench and is happy with free roam. Her chewing was short lived now her new teeth are here. Will it present problems if the one dog has to use the bench and the other not? The bench may well be for the short term only - we'll see.

For those who got a second doodle (as a puppy) what extra things did you have to think about when introducing the pup to the home and settling him/her in with the first dog?

Thanks for your help!

Jofi, Libby... and soon Tenzin!

Early puppy pics (Tenzin is one of the gold/caramel pups):


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I will also be bringing home a pup soon and would love all the tips you can give! In our case we are introducing our puppy to a home with one slightly older (but very healthy and lively) dog.

Gabby has been our only dog for 10 years, but is very social and non jelous.. we moved to Sweden a year and a half ago and she misses my mums dog, her regular companion and play mate. Anything we need to be thinking of with an older dog in addition to the tips you have for brining a pup into an adolescent dog household?

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I have just gone through introducing number 2 (arrived 14th of March)
We went and got Rusty on our own from the airport. He had the long
car ride home to snuggle into his new mum. We then took him out to
the backyard and let him explore without Lucee being present. We put
Lucee on a lead and introduced her to Rusty. Lucee was definitely more
into Rusty (he was a bit timid about his new sister). She is very excited
about her new playmate and trying to lick him to death.
It was early evening and we gave him a drink and a meal (this was the
only time we fed them separately). He was a sleepy puppy and soon
settled for a nap.

I work parttime and made sure I had a fair bit of time off to spend with
Rusty when he first arrived. Hubby helped by having some time off after
I had to go back to work. We blocked off the kitchen family room area
for Rusty and this worked great.

We were still having broken nights with Lucee when Rusty arrived so
thinking our first night was going to be very sleep deprived we threw
down a camp mattress near the door where we take them out potty.
Rusty whimpered a little bit but soon snuggled down between us and
went to sleep. I think we went out more times with Lucee than with
Rusty. It was good bonding time for both dogs and us.

Rusty arrived during a heat wave (40C plus days for about a week) so
instead of putting him in the crate we rigged up a baby gate in our ensuite.
Rusty's second night he slept till 6am. He has a great bladder, holds on all
night. I am still getting up some nights for Lucee. Each dog is so different.
We use the crate for Rusty only when we are going out during the day.
He still sleeps behind the baby gate in the ensuite at night as this has
worked well with him. Lucee usually sleeps on the other side of the baby
gate in our cute.

Rusty is sooo laidback. Lucee is definitely the more excited (lively) one of the two.
Lucee loves to fetch. When your throw the ball for Rusty, he just
stares at you and I am sure he is threw it you fetch it

Dinner time has to be supervised only for the fact Rusty is a pig and
would eat all the food. I have seen Lucee growl at him when he got too
close to her bone. He got the message all on his own.

They play rough with each other and we are directing rough play outside.
The only time we have to separate is when they are tired and you can
see (usually Rusty getting a bit ratty). We usually tether him with a lead
near us and two seconds later he is fast asleep.

Dog training is done separately that way you have their full attention.
On day number two Rusty was already sitting for his dinner which we
still think he picked up from his sister.

Rusty hated being left behind when we went for walks with Lucee.
He took to walking on the lead so easy and now loves being able to
come along. Again I think this was following big sister's lead.
When I have to take them out on the coupler they naturally seem
to walk side by side. Lucee has been trained not to pull so Rusty falling
in beside her means no pulling on the double lead.

Lucee is still getting two meals a day. When Rusty was getting his
third meal we would give Lucee a bone to chew on.

What I was told by my breeder is the new dog will learn from the older
dog...the good and the bad. Personality plays a part in this too. Rusty has
not been a sock eater or shoe chewer (he has his sister to get his biting
and chewing out of his system) Lucee still steals our socks and shoes.
He learnt the commands for pees and poos real fast but still has the odd
accident (and gets sheepish about it).

Sorry this is sooo long.

I know it is hard not to worry about getting a second dog but trust me
the second one is so much easier than the first. You have just been
through it with Jofi and it just all falls into place. I had a peek at your
puppy photos on the website. They are sooo cute. (Must not have another
attack of doodlitis):wink:. My doods are sound asleep in the doorway.
All is right with the world.

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Tenzin and Jofi im sure will be great friends..Jofi just needs to get use
to a smaller playmate..and learn to share.. the latter is a little more difficult..

this worked for me..we had 2 other dogs befor Toby arrived. a mini-pin and a saluki mix..we took them to the dog park to get use to smaller dogs..learning to play and get when Toby arrived we introduced them at the dog park..his now brother and sister s just sniffed around him
and began to encourage Toby to play..we walked the around the park and
the followed as a pack..

at home we did nt carry Toby in..we allowed them to play a bit on the front lawn and then had them all walk in was important to let the 2 others know there was no favoritism..

we used a dog crate to keep the seperate till Toby was house trained we began letting him roam with the other 2..little treat s for the 2 befor play encouraged the 2 to be gentle with Toby..constantly saying *Be nice* in a gentle voice..

Today they run and play together with no problems..when at the dog park other dog s get too aggressive with Toby the other 2 will chase them away..such a loving sight :)

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Annabelle's mom: that's something I'm really looking forward to - enjoying two different characters, personalities. Jofi is a very jolly dog - naughty and cheeky, very friendly (she always goes up to the owners of other dogs and greets them - lets them cuddle and gives them kisses) - but at home she also seeks her own space. At home she's not such a cuddle-bug - she'll sit with us on the couch but after a short time will go off and relax in her own space. Jofi's also very focused on me, and I'm hoping Tenzin will share his attention/interest more between both my partner and I.

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The above all sounds good...

We just got our second a little over week ago... we introduced them in my mother-in-law's back yard... Della (the new pup) was a bit intimidated, and kept coming to me for back up. Lucas was extremely respectful of her space, even though you could tell he was going crazy inside to play with her. Within an hour, she was pretty cool with the whole thing so we went home. They have really been getting along very well since.

We walk them together, and that is actually working pretty well. Training is seperate. Their personalities are totally different and we are having so much fun marveling at their differences. Actually , crate training was much easier with Della, than it was with Lucas, I am guessing because his crate is right next to hers, it didn't seem as scary.

In the beginning Lucas seemed to eat more and faster than usual, but after a few days he is back to his normal eating habits.

Other than that? Toys? What ever toy one has is the only toy the other wants, so don't go crazy in that department.

Lucas did change a little, he seems to be more affecionate now, which works for us! And he was starting to be at the age where he acted like he forgot what SIT meant... well, now that Della is here, he is quite busy, acting like "the good dog". It seems it's a contest to between the 2 of them, when we request a SIT, who can get their butts down quickest! Very Cute!

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Lucee & Rusty's owner: Thanks so much for sharing about introducing Rusty into your home. This will be so useful for me when Tenzin arrives. It's also put me at ease - I'm getting so excited about Tenzin but also a little nervous at this point!!

I had a friend visit today with her dog - a large beautiful airedale terrier. It was interesting to see how it worked with the two dogs in the house. First they were all over one another - very excited - but after 30 minutes they settled down and cuddled on the floor, very cute. I think the idea of letting Tenzin first explore the new environment and then introducing Jofi to him on her lead is a good one - I can imagine Jofi might be a little too much for a young pup after a long journey - he'll also come to Holland by plane and it's a loooong journey.

By the way, your dogs are gorgeous - I really enjoyed the pics of them I saw. Beautiful colours.

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Deepnite10: Thanks for the tips. I'm hoping jealousy won't be a big issue for Jofi. I think she'll be a little jealous if I give too much attention to the new pup - that will be something she'll have to accept. As far as her toys go, she's not at all possessive. Sometimes I wish she'd be more into her toys than she is. They are all in pristine condition. She by far prefers to play with something that isn't hers i.e. our socks and shoes :)

It's nice that your older dogs protect and watch out for Toby - that's what big sisters and brothers are for :)

I'm planning to be more firm with the crate this time - we gave up pretty early on with Jofi as she really didn't like it (we fed her in there and gave her treats but she was far happier free).

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It took about two weeks for things to settle. At first we were worried
that Lucee was too rough with Rusty but then the tables turned and
we were pulling Rusty back because he was getting rough.

I agree with the toy thing. The best toy is whatever the other one is
playing with and it can be a stick they found in the yard.

If you are patting one, you will have the other close by looking for
their pats and cuddles. They both follow me around the house and if
I am working in the study they will both be asleep close by.

Lucee was quite timid before getting Rusty and he has helped her become
more confident. Hubby loves having a dog of his own to walk. We enjoy
taking them out. (we walk twice a day morning and night).

You will love your new addition and will wonder soon how you ever did
without them. The antics they get up to really brighten my day.
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