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Pre-bath eye ointment?

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Its bath day for Boo, and I realized I should get some protective ointment to put in his eyes beforehand. What does everyone use? Mineral oil? Ointment from the vets? Are there certain brands or ingredients that I should avoid?
I'd like something that I can pick up today- either at Petco, a pharmacy, or my vets- because this Sat is his first doodle romp! :shock: :lol:
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Re: while on the bathing topic....

Boo had a vet checkup today so I asked our vet about eye ointment. She said not to use anything, so I guess I'll keep doing the hands-over-eyes method too. Maybe I'll buy a bottle of saline solution too. Store it in the medicine cabinet, just in case...

babydoll said:
Our puppy gets kind of stinky after one week but we don't want to bathe her that often in fear that her skin will dry out.....
We bathe Boo once a month but do lots of spot rinses in-between with just water, or sometimes water and conditioner if the hair is long. (The shampoo we have can be used once a week, if diluted with a lot of water, but we only use it if he's really dirty or muddy.) Normally we stick him in the shower, hose off the dirty parts, then towel dry. I worry about dry skin too, but this works just fine. Maybe this would work for your puppy. :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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