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Start taking him out when you think he might need to go. Say "go potty!" and when he does PRAISE him like crazy!

If he goes in the house pick him up and say "NO" while you run him outside. Then when he finishes outside again with the praise... even treats too if you want to.

He will soon learn that he is supposed to go outside.

Do you have a cue for him to let you know when he needs to go out?

Some here use a bell that they ring with the puppy's nose before they take him out, and then pretty soon he is ringing the bell on his own.

We just have Sammy sit by the door. She has a very Purposeful sit when she wants to be let out, and its very clear to us that its a "I need to go out" sit rather than just lounging around. She sits tall and pretty and STARES at us. LOL

The only time we get into trouble is if we ignore a sit because we think "wasnt she just out?!" after that we hope for whimpers but she still has accidents occasionally (2 times this month, but she does have a bladder infection so who can blame her!)

I think Sammy was 12 weeks when we went an entire week without an accident. Just keep at it and buy jugs of Natures Miracle!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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