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potty training

I feel for you - potty training can be SO FRUSTRATING :!: :? My
sweet Doodle girl [Reagan] was a rescue from a horrific pet store where
she was forced to go to the bathroom in her tiny cage. :cry: When I
brought her home she was extremely sick - so normal housetraining had
to be delayed. I started as soon as her recovery would allow - but it
did not go well. Although I did everything the experts[and others] suggested, she just couldn't get the hang of it. [ She REFUSED to poop
outside-EVER] I was at my wits end - so my vet suggested a behaviorist.
To make a long story shorter - the behaviorist explained that Reagan
would have to be 're-surfaced' trained. She learned to eliminate on smooth surfaces, and she thought she was doing the right thing. Resurface
training is difficult - and requires a great deal of time and attention
to succeed. I knew I wasn't the person to do it [I'm a push-over
with boundry issues :) ] so, I enrolled her in Puppy Potty Camp.
18 days later
she was housetrained. It took her longer due to the 'surface' issues,
and most puppys take less time. It was one of the best investments I've ever made :!:
It saved my sanity - but more important - Reagans spirit and confidence :D Puppy Potty Camp Rules :!: :!: :D
I wish you good luck - and sanity :wink:
Julee, Reagan&Lincoln

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What kind did you buy? Only a few really work. I always used
Nature's Miracle, but I just found out it's not the same formula as before.
The original is now under a different name- but I can't remember it. I will
call my vet in the morning and find out. He swears it is the only one that
really works. Also, I will try and find out if there are any potty camps in
your area. Send me an IM with your city and zip -it will help the search.
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