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potty training HELP!!!

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Hi everyone!!

My little labradoodle (Quincy) is 10 weeks old, I've had him a couple of weeks now, and he is having many accidents in the house. I watch him constantly, honestly, but sometimes he doesn't even squat when he pees, just sits down. For a few days, he seemed to be getting it, but now it seems like he isn't getting it at all. I know he's still little, it's just that I am trying so hard, I am just getting frustrated!!! My older doodle (Murray) was completely trained at 10 weeks (has not had an accident since (he's 2) . I take him out constantly. I just feel like everytime he has an accident, that I am starting over from day one!! Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much! :?

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts cute! My labradoodle is 7 1/2 weeks old. I've had her since Saturday, she's our first doodle. She's had a couple of accidents in the house, but mostly "goes" outside whenever we take her out. She has never had an accident in her crate.

I give Kenai a piece of her dog food whenever she pees outside. I completely ignore the fact that she had an accident when she does it inside, but I immediately take her outside, and then just clean up the accident right away with that stain/odor removing spray.

Are you crate training? Maybe if you try to keep him in his crate more, and then take him outside right away when you let him out he will figure it out.

Or, maybe like babies, he will just take a little longer to get the hang of it!

Good luck!

It took several weeks before my Doc stopped having accidents in the house. I got him at 12 wks of age so he was probably about 4 1/2 months before he finally stopped. I gated off everything but the family room and kitchen, which are both tiled and washed the spots up with Nature's Miracle so they would not smell and attract him back to the same spot. I think it just takes some dogs longer. I had a Standard Poodle that I got at 8 wks of age and she only had about 3 accidents total before she was housetrained.
He is very cute what a face!

He is still awful young so don't get discouraged he will get the hang of it. If he is going what you feel is way to much you might want to take him in to your Vet and have him checked for UTI. Lots of puppies will have this and show no signs really.
He is a beauty!

I agree with Diane...he is very young. You had an exceptional time with your first being so easy to housetrain.

I also agree with her that you should make sure (vet check) that he has no physical reason for his lack of control.

After that, patience is mandatory. You would not expect a human child to be potty trained at one year of age, even though other children seem to be...all creatures have their own pace, their own learning curve...

Often when puppies are "trained" so early, I believe it is actually the owner "trained" to be very consistent in watching for the signs and taking the puppy out...with two dogs, that is much harder to do.

Also, your frustration may be one of the reasons the pup is having sure not to react too negatively when you catch him...just take him outside and remind him to potty outside. If you discipline him when you catch him, he will think that you don't want to SEE him potty...and he will hide, and it will make him not want to potty outside if you are around.

These dogs take our actions very literally...remember, they only can guess at what the problem is. So, be aware of his movements (tether him to you if you can) and just be diligent. He will come around. Be sure to praise him when he does potty correctly.

Another thing is to maybe not let him play outside until he potties...let him know that the reason he is going outside is to potty, not play. After he potties, then he can run and play.

Hope this helps a little. It is very hard to have puppies ruining your rugs and floors...but try to remember that the point is...they don't KNOW yet...but he will catch on.
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Hey Jac did you mean Linda???? :lol:
Thank you


Hi everyone!

Thank you for your replies! It probably is my frustration causing more problems than anything! I know he's still so little, I guess I was just feeling over-whelmed. He really is a good puppy, and I was totally spoiled by how easy it was to train Murray. I will ask his vet about the UTI, he definately goes A LOT!! I guess if I wasn't trying so hard, I wouldn't get so frustrated, but I definately need to relax a bit!! I just remember Murray hardly had any accidents, and Quincy seems to have so many. Thanks again for your help, I think when I first posted, it was immediately after stepping in yet another puddle of joy!!

I do love my doodles!

hahahahaha...yep...I meant Linda!! :lol:

You see? You and Linda get credit for each other's good advice!

Sorry... :oops:

Gosh, Michelle...don't feel bad about reaching out for some help! I don't blame you. There is NOTHING more frustrating that trying to potty train! Our first 3 dogs trained so quickly...then we got Rosie and, bless her heart, she just didn't get it! I had a hard time with that because she arrived on the very same day that our first litter was born!

I was up to my eyeballs with new puppies and protective mama dogs and 3 other dogs wanting to see the new litter...I just really wanted Rosie to learn quickly...and she kept going on rugs and blankets. And we would take her out and she would sit down. We'd bring her in and she would imemdiately go to a blanket or rug and potty! UGH!

I don't know why it was so hard for I know her now (she is almost 8 months old) she is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen! So it wasn't about was about whatever I was doing or not doing to get through to her.

When she finally got it, she never had another accident.

I know how hard it can be to deal with dogs and puppies is really tough to step back and remember that they don't speak English! LOL

But...we are here for you...and we DO understand your frustrations.

It will get better...I promise! :D
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Otto was trained at 10 weeks, but we never left him, we put him in the garden every hour, after feeds and when he woke, he is only in his crate at bed time, and we took shifts to get up at 5 am to put him in the garden, but it has paid off as we have had no accidents.
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