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Our 14 week old puppy Kayla has been with us for just over two weeks. She's a very smart girl, obedient most of the time (she has a hard time when there are distractions) but we don't seem to be making headway on potty training! She never poops in the house but is peeing everywhere. We take her out regularly - usually no less than once every half hour - and she pees outside too! We don't reprimand her a lot for peeing in the house, since most of the people we've spoken with and read say that positive reinforcement is more productive, so we just praise her tons when she goes outside. Are we being unrealistic? How long does this take? Should we reprimand her for going inside? And how many times a day do these puppies pee?
Thanks so much for all your help!

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Ahh yes, pee.
A subject near and dear to my heart, my sofa, my carpet, my bed, my linoleum...umm, oh yeah and the chair too.

When I was potty training Boone (still am, we haven't had an accident in about two weeks....but I know he's not 100%) it really felt like it wasn't going to work with this one. But it does. I assure you. It will.

They pee ALOT, you can however mind their water intake, puppies generally need to drink about 7-10 times a day. For the first few weeks, I don't believe they need to have water out all the time. They know where the dish is, when it's empty and they actually need a drink, (and aren't just drinking cuz it's there) they will let you know! In a hurry!

So at feeding times, after play, when they get up and when she "tells" you she wants water. Give her water, and as much as she wants. But don't leave a full bowl out all the time.

I got a set of bells for Boone, and they really seem to help. <---I should buy stocks! It may be that it's clueing in for her, she just doesn't know how to let you know she needs out. These really help in that area. Everytime, and I mean EVERYTIME before you open her regular potty door, make her nose touch that bell before you put your hand on the knob!

I also think positive reinforcment is the best, so yes when she goes outside, make it the greatest thing you've ever witnessed! However, I believe that your tone, and body language when you are displeased with what they are doing, also shows them what NOT to do.
When I would catch Boone "popping a squat" I would "AH AH AH" to stop him, pick him up, take him to the door...hit the bells with his nose (lightly) all the while speaking to him in a nasty tone of voice....then when he finished outside it was like Canada day! (4th of july for the yankes!)
You could recite the grocery list, as long as it sounded not very nice on the way to the door. The second his paws hit the ground I would say in my sweetest voice "this is potty"
If he didn't finish what he was doing...we stayed out till he did it again. (side notes It's cold in Canada.) Then happiness ensued. :D

It takes a while, seems hopeless...then one day, you hear the jingles. When you do hear them tho, it's not time to stop with the training...keep up the rewards and praise when they do outside, even take her out sometimes without her telling you she needs too, the longer you keep at it the easier it will come, and the more success she will have.

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Hi Cristana,

I think that Tinaweena gave you some great information.

I will only add that you might want to take her to the vet to be sure she dosen't have any sort of bladder infection or other problem.

At 14 weeks, she should not have a lot of control over her bladder but she should have more than what you are mentioning.

I am glad you are not reprimanding her...that will just make her afraid that you are "seeing" her potty...she will then just learn to hide.

So, you are on the right long as she is healthy, keep going...she will surprise you one day!
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