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Hello maggieinpa!

The easiest is to create an account with Photobucket where you can upload your pictures.

Once your pictures are uploaded,
1. select a picture
2. click on the img code under the picture(this copies the image address)
3. go back to the posting window here and click on the Img button above the posting window, paste your picture, then click on the *Img button
4. clicking on the preview button lets you see if it worked

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This is the way I learned to do it, from Gene. It does help to reduce the size and resolution of your photo in a photo manipulation application so it's not a huge file:

Go to

Create a username and password;
then upload your pictures

Next highlight and copy the IMG code beneath the picture (hit control and c at same time)

Then come to forum and hit reply button - or open a new topic.
Now hit control and V to paste the IMG code into your message.
Type what you want before or after doing above step.

You can preview your message to be sure it looks the way you want it to.

Last, hit submit and your photo shows up.
Good luck!

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