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Poopy Puppy

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Sigh, poor Amanda (5 months) has diarrhea. She started this morning when I took her out at 7am, had 3 poops. I left for work around 8 (she was very playful and happy running in the yard in the AM). My husband got home around 1pm, and she had had accidents in her crate. This has never happened before. He cleaned her up and she was very playful outside again, but went to her spot 3 more times to poop.

So, what's our course of action? New pet owners here. Don't want to jump the gun and call the vet, but don't want to risk anything if this is dangerous.

We're going to give her a bit of white rice and water tonight, no food or snacks. Is it safe to say that we don't need a vet visit until or unless the diarrhea continues for 2 or more days?

(By the way, she knocked over a cup of milk last night and drank quite a bit before we found the mess. Could this be the cause?)

Thanks as always for your help!
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I always recommend talking to the vet, just
to be safe. You can try a little bit of pumkin, to solidify things in
the meantime. And yes milk could have started it but there could be
other factors as well. Keep us posted !!!

Stool sample to the vet is always a good thing. I also use a little yogurt and a pepto tablet.
i'd call the vet and bring in a stool sample to be safe and take it from there.

pumpkin and yougurt are good for the digestive systems...pepcid is good too ...some do use pepto bismal instead.

keep us updated
Millk will cause diarrhea but if it continues, please don't hesitate to seekyour vets advise. If it is really bad diarrhea you might want to give her some pedialite or watered down gatorade to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated.
we have done the bland diet of rice and boiled chicken for 1-2 days before going to the vet. The vet always wants to give him antibiotics and we'd rather see if it clears up itself. If the bad poops last more than 1 day we go right to the vet.
MarshMS...nice to meet you.

1) is color of poop same or is it more a yellow or yellow mustard color? or is it real dark?
2) is the odor the same?
3) if it continues more than a day, in your case she did have something different: MILK.
4) i would never hesitate to call the vet and/or bring in a stool sample if diarrhea is real bad, has mucous ling in it ( looks like latex or sausage casing) and/or continues more than 24hours.

5) metronidizonale is the most common antibiotic for helping inflamed intestines....sometimes along with pepcid BUT ALWAYS ASK YOUR vet.
6) a tablespoon or two fo sweet potatoe, pumpkin, yougurt aids the digestive track

7) how do i know this? we have gone through this for 3mos on and off and just getting max back on track. I have cooked for 3mos now finally he's tolerating Canidae and having solid poops.
Thank you all for your helpful advice.

Amanda seems her usual self, except for the poop issue.

To answer some of your questions/comments:

She eats Wellness, which was not affected by the recall, so I don't think it's that.

The stool color is the same, just a pudding like consistency (excuse the directness!) And I think the odor is the same, maybe a bit stronger but not a different smell.

I'm encouraged by the fact that she hasn't pooped in the house so she seems to have control over it (except for when she was crated while we were out). We'll see how tonight goes!

Thanks so much everyone!
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Hope all goes well as i know firsthand how worrisome it can be.

Please keep us posted on how Amanda does ...thanks :)
How old is Amanda?
The main thing that would concern me is her possibility of dehydration. I would check with a vet, especially with the food recall.
Not to alarm you, but I belive that they are only scratching the surface of the food problem. I had a very sick puppy, almost died. Was okay for a few days, just sloppy poops, then went downhill very fast...severe dehydration. IV fluids brought him back...thank goodness we caught it early enough.
On one of the forums, a breeder said they called Wellness and asked if they EVER use Menu products in their foods...they admitted that they did. Well, the problem is rat poison and I would not wait...I'd rather be jumping the gun than to wait too long.
They say it is not in kibble...but the same ingredients are in kibble...and my pup was eating dry, reconstituted Eukanuba.
Too much sickness going on...I'd at least take in a stool sample...and if it is clear of parasites, check for dehydration.
Best of luck to you...
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