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pooping in crate

Hi!. This is my first post on any forum anywhere!!! Amazing what doodles do to you! I have George and Gracie, two chocolate doodles. Both had the pooping in their crate problem for the first two weeks. I thought I'd go nuts what with trying to give two puppies baths every morning when they had rolled in it. (My husband and I set up a little assembly line - I'd hand him a wet puppy and he'd hand me a dirty puppy.) Turns out both pups had coccidia and a whole assortment of worms. They had been wormed a couple of days before I got them and our vet had seen them the day after we got them, but they still had worms. We live in the country and we have quite a lot of wild critters around here and puppies put everything in their mouths! Plus they were probably reinfecting each other. So - they got on medication, we got really, really concientious about hand washing and crate disinfection. After several days they were going a whole lot better. It wasn't perfect, but now it pretty much is. So, I vote for a serious vet check and fastidious crate cleaning for a while. Then, if you have other animals around you'll probably need to put them on a preventative med.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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