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pooping in the kennel

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HELP! My puppy has been with us for over a week now (she's three months old) and still poops in her kennel. I rigged up a divider in it to make it as small as I could for her to still lay down in it, but she still pooped in it last night. Any suggestions??
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Kennel Problems

I would recommend not feeding after 5:30 and then to take him out right before you go to bed (10:00 - 11:00) and then until he/she gets over this habit I would sleep beside the crate when you hear him/her stir try to shhh him/her to go back to sleep - if they move around more take him/her out.

The other option is to place his/her crate in an exercise pen and leave the door open with potty pads on the floor - this is a last resort due to the fact it can make it harder to potty train in the long run.

A puppy can usually hold their potty for =
1 month old plus 1 = 2 hrs
2 months old plus 1 = 3 hrs........

Good luck - hopefully this will clear up in no time
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Hi Lisa, welcome, and congratulations on your puppy!
Holly has given you some great advice. I will only add that you might want to get a health clearance from your vet, often when puppies poop in the crate, there is a medical reason.
When you rule that out, you can really focus on the training. There are some great sites online for help with potty training issues. One good source is this: ... C=0&A=1089
Hi Lisa, Both Holly and Jac have given good advice, I would do the vet check just in case.
pooping in crate

Hi!. This is my first post on any forum anywhere!!! Amazing what doodles do to you! I have George and Gracie, two chocolate doodles. Both had the pooping in their crate problem for the first two weeks. I thought I'd go nuts what with trying to give two puppies baths every morning when they had rolled in it. (My husband and I set up a little assembly line - I'd hand him a wet puppy and he'd hand me a dirty puppy.) Turns out both pups had coccidia and a whole assortment of worms. They had been wormed a couple of days before I got them and our vet had seen them the day after we got them, but they still had worms. We live in the country and we have quite a lot of wild critters around here and puppies put everything in their mouths! Plus they were probably reinfecting each other. So - they got on medication, we got really, really concientious about hand washing and crate disinfection. After several days they were going a whole lot better. It wasn't perfect, but now it pretty much is. So, I vote for a serious vet check and fastidious crate cleaning for a while. Then, if you have other animals around you'll probably need to put them on a preventative med.
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Thanks for all the great info, everyone. I'll definitely give the vet a call....even though Gracie(yes, she's a chocolate, too!) was given a thorough exam the day after we got her. I think it's a training issue. We're all puppy potty training! The kicker is after my totally potty-trained three-yr-old saw Gracie go on the floor, she decided to give it a try a couple of times herself (hey, what family's not a little dysfunctional? :? ) Fortunately, that was a quick learning experience for our daughter...hopefully, Gracie will get her pottying figured out as quickly! Thanks, again, for all your help!
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