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Pools for Doodles

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What type of kiddie pool would you recommend? i was thinking either the hard plastic type or the ones that collapse that tend to have flowers and such painted on them (not sure of the name)

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I have the collapable kind for My. I like that one cause it is bigger.
thats the bigger one with the bright colorings on the side right? I think they are 16.00 or so?

Yup I got mine at Walmart for about that price. It's big enough for 2-3 dogs so My can have friends in her pool!
we bought the cheap plastic kind from kmart (less than $10)...It is perfect because only Dex will go in it. It survived last summer and was left out over the winter and is still fine. I posted a photo of Dex in the pool under Stories (Random Photos) yesterday.
We have a cheaply made plastic pool that is about five feet in diameter and cost about $15.00 at Benny's. It rinses well and is decent enough in size for Fonzie and our next door friend Maya.

Libby has the hard plastic kind. I wanted a bigger one, but I thought for sure the inflatible kind would get ruined right away. She loves her pool!
Anyone's doodles like a gentle spritz from the hose? I'm waiting for Dudley to get hot this summer and I might give it a try. I have one of those 500 setting nozzles so it should be gentle enough to not bother him. I have to go to Wally World and get Sadie a pool so she's not the only doodle without one :lol:
I thought I was buying a plastic pool for my kids, only to realize it was for Puddles! LOL Ours has a plastic slide built in on the side, also from WalMart, and after watching my kids go down a few dozen times, when we let Puddles in, it's the first thing he did! We all got a great laugh! Plus, our plastic pool has flowers on the bottom and Puddles hasn't quite figured out that they are attached to the pool. He keeps sticking his head underwater only to get water up his nose---LOL! We've enjoyed watching him in the pool, more than anything! TOO FUNNY!!!!
HE LOOOOVES his little pool. We ended up going with the hard plastic BUT The one with the slide and he will even do the slide with the boys. ( NOT to mention he climbed up INTO their treehouse yesterday however i didnt get a pic.

OK how can i add pics to an email i have a few cute pool pics/

SadieFern said: I have to go to Wally World and get Sadie a pool so she's not the only doodle without one :lol:
I was just thinking the same thing!!!!
With the storm we had early this morning......God installed our temporary pool!! :wink:
AJWhiting said:
SadieFern said: I have to go to Wally World and get Sadie a pool so she's not the only doodle without one :lol:
I was just thinking the same thing!!!!
Yup, gotta get Sammy-Doodle one too!
These are the funniest stories! Doodles going down slides and up in treehouses! What great, funny dogs!!!
We have a small plastic kiddie pool we plan on getting out for Horton to play in. Can't wait to see what he does!
boy! We have an inground pool and Charley won't go in it. Weve tried everything we know to get him in, but he won't. Will get a ball out of it if he can reach it from the side, but that's it. Anybody elses doodle not a water nut?
OMY I love that picture of your Horton!
here are some pictures from today!

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Cute pictures..... Like "More over kids....MY POOL!!" :lol: [/code]
OK how many times can you say CUTE!!!! wow great pics!!

i have the same exact pool we bought last year, was last one left in all of Rochester NY
to-date our doodles do NOT use it, they'd rather have me spray then with the hose trying to bite and drink the water :shock:

i know if i give it away to my neighbor with 4 kids i'll be sorry
it's hitting the 90's today .......hmmm i like challenges so i am giving it another try this year hahhaaaaaa YES will fill up the pool and if my doodles don't use it I WILL! :shock:
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