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Poochie Bell Star!

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Stacy was teasing about sending Dakota's poochie bell picture to the company. Well, as it turns out, they do have a gallery and I submitted his photo. He has been selected as "Poochie Star" of the month for April and he won a set of poochie bells of our choice! Wow--only four months old and already a star--he'll probably be hard to live with!! But we are proud of the smart little rascal!

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Diane! That's AWESOME!!! Congrats to you and Dakota!
Yeah!!! Dakota we are all so proud of you. What an ambassador. 8)
How is it living with a star? Do you have to put sunglasses and a hat on him when you go for walks so his fans don't recognize him.
We're just simply not going to let this go to his head! Besides, Dakota adores his "public" more that his "public" could ever adore him!! --Everybody and everything alive was put there specifically to play with him!
Congratulations Dakota and Diane! Very nice!! We are proud of you!
That is just way too cute! Congrats!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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