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I was just kind of drifting off from my school work [i'm supposed to be writing poetry on the apartheid...yikes!:shock:] but then i got sidetracked thinking about the labradoodle im getting soon and how great its gonna be! so i wrote a poem about labradoodles and really the only thing i was aiming for was having it hear it is i thought i may as well share it with other labradoodle lovers! (sorry i know this is kind of pointless and taking up space! :?)

The poem!:

labradoodles are the best,

so much better than the rest!

They will be your friend till the end!

Just put them to the test!

They will be your teddy bear!!

They will make you laugh when your scared!

they will make you happy with those deep soulful eyes

They will lick your tears when you cry

They will jump and play,

and be your joy,


They will walk with you,

They will talk to you,

In a way no one else can do!

They will lie at your feet,

Or at the end of your bed,

Resting their head,

They truly are,

wether they are black,

cream,yellow,chocolate,blue or red.

Nuff said!


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thanks everyone!!! your all really nice! happy birthday to you stacy..the big 3-0 .haha i wouldnt know much about that im still a teenager.......:) but good look anyways! :lol:
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