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Please teach my mom to brush my teeth

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I don't understand-mom says "Lets get your teeth brushed" I set down by her all nice like---THEN- she grabs my mouth tries to ripe my lips off, I feel like I'm gagging, and if I open my mouth at all she is ramming some crazy looking thing that only looks good to chew on into the back of my mouth. I wish someone would tell her an easier way to do this. I actually always come and sit and don't run away, of course I like the stuff she puts on that thing--refreshing, and I know I always get a strip (my favorite treat) if I let her have her fun for just a little while. I am keeping this chew toy until someone tells her how to operate this thing.
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NOW that is CUTE!!!!! i love Tucker's expression
Yoooo Tucker! Way to go buddy! Don't surrender the . . . thing . . . until she agrees to behave!!!!

your bud,
OMG Tucker - I can so feel for you, my Mom does the same thing, how would they feel if we stuck that thing in their mouths :shock: You hang on to that thingy for a new chewy
love Annabelle
Tucker, tell your Mommy to try the rubber finger type brush. It's much easier on the both of you! :wink: ... 55edc975ce
I tried those Gene, but they were too big for my finger and kept spinning around :(
So Mary. are you trying to tell me I have sausage fingers?? :wink:

BTW get more handsome everytime I see you!
I don't brush Dex's teeth (bad mommy!) but I have found a way to keep his head still. He gets little black eye boogies which I can't stand, and for the longest time it was impossible to get him to hold still while I got rid of them. Then I discovered the lower beard. It may sound cruel but it is in no way hurtful. You just grab a handful of the hair on his lower jaw and he will not pull at all, sits still as an angel. I don't even have to hold it forcefully. As soon as I have it in my hand, he sits still. It's a good tip in case he needs a shot or something where he has to be sitting still too.
Brushing is a necessary evil. One of those things the humans do too. You'll be glad in the long run. My Mom says that her old cocker had horrible teeth and probably was the cause of his congestive heart failure. He was a stray when she got him. I want to live a long doggy life, so I put up with the brushing.

When she first started brushing my teeth, she would do just one side and the next night do the other. I know I get a snack too, so I stand there and take it. Don't like it, but I let her do it. Mom's are like that. The tooth paste tastes pretty good though!

I get comments all the time about how pretty my teeth are and I want to keep them that way! Plus the girls like kisses from clean mouths. I know I do!!

You can kiss me anytime!
cute photo :)

they sell a toothbrush toy (we got it at petsmart). it's the shape of a bone and has pads on both ends. you put dog toothpaste on the pads and they chew on it and the chewing brushes their teeth. we stopped using it w/dexter when he developed his food allergies but we should start trying it again now (esp w/Kirby).
gene said:
So Mary. are you trying to tell me I have sausage fingers?? :wink:
Well....... If the toothbrush fits :wink:

I was actually surprised it didnt stay on, I have short pudgy fingers myself and for some reason DH doesnt take to the idea of brushing AB's teeth so I guess it's gonna be try a regulart toothbrush, I tried the one Tucker is modeling but had trouble getting it around AB's teeth, gonna pick up a childs toothbrush and see if it works.
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