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please help me post a picture of my dog!

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Hi, i just joined and someone told me i would be able to go to photobucket to help get a pic on. I did this---joined the service---and then uploaded a picture of my dog to it and got it in the right size requested and the file name ends in .jpg, but for some reason when i try to copy it and paste the link in my profile in the appropriate place, the error at the top of the page says the file must be a .jpg (and a few other options). It IS a .jpg file and I am copying the link directly from the photobucket site and it SHOULD work! Anyone know what is going wrong? I can send you a link to my photobucket site if that would help.
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will do---i thought i had it downsized enough though (it is 15 kb) ---if it doesn't work, i will send it to julie---thanks, y'all!
YEAH! There is our sweet dog!! Thanks for the help, all. The site worked! Isn't my dog cute??? :p
i don't know, but it was confusing but now it is done---got it done here---
and now you see a nice picture of our dog, Wally. :)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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