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Playing in Water Dish

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Bailey (11 weeks old) found a new activity to make a mess, but she seemed to be having fun.

She would go to her water dish and put her front paws in it splashing the water all out. The first couple splashes I thought were an accident. I cleaned up the mess and put just a little water in the bowl this time. She returned and did the same thing.

So, I cleaned up the mess and took her water away. This time I waited 30 minutes. Put her water bowl down and after she took a drink she started playing in it again. Soooo, her water is up for the night.

I hate to take her water up, but what should I do?
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I use a huge stainless steel mixing bowl for Fred's water dish--if we use a plastic bowl, or any type of medium sized bowl--he will pick it up and spill it. We tried quite a few different bowls until we found one he didn't pick up or knock over. Of course he still leaves a trail of water that drips off his beard...
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