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Playing in Water Dish

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Bailey (11 weeks old) found a new activity to make a mess, but she seemed to be having fun.

She would go to her water dish and put her front paws in it splashing the water all out. The first couple splashes I thought were an accident. I cleaned up the mess and put just a little water in the bowl this time. She returned and did the same thing.

So, I cleaned up the mess and took her water away. This time I waited 30 minutes. Put her water bowl down and after she took a drink she started playing in it again. Soooo, her water is up for the night.

I hate to take her water up, but what should I do?
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ploaying in water dish

I have a bigger problem--as in lake. We've been in Florida for 2 months now. Mosey and Buddy have been great about not going in the water all that time. We live on a lake with a canal running along side of the house. The rest of the yard is fenced. They love to run and the yard is huge. Two days ago, Mosey jumped in the lake twice and twice yesterday. I've been taking her out on the leash ever since. You see, we have big bad alligators in this lake. Scares me do death. I've taken her to the edge on the leash and told her no several times--she gives me that smart doodle look like she knows what I'm saying. Right.

Any suggestions on how to train her to stay away from the water(other than a huge fence which defeats the idea of a view! I know it's a natural thing for them to want to be in the water--but we just can't have it!!
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