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Well today I found out that not only does Charlie LOVE to swim, but he also LOVVVES ducks! I took him and my Schnauzer to the park today for a little while and i let Charlie off the leash because there werent many people and i knew he wouldnt go after anyone! But next thing you know he wasnt chasing people he was chasing DUCKS and JUMPING into the water and swimming all the way out to the middle of the pond! I was scared at first then it was hard for me to get him when it was time to leave!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to get a picture of Charlie and Heidi together but they were going crazy and it didnt really work!

Here are a 2 pictures.. i could not really take more because i was running after dogs the whole time but I hope you enjoy Charlies little head sticking up out of the MIDDLE of the pond!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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