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PHOTOS! Dexter 18 weeks old

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OK, here are some extremely crappy photos of Dexter. He is in the middle of his crazies, and won't pose for me. Plus the lighting and focus is gosh-awful too. It's raining out now, but when it clears up I'll take better photos of him outside.

I took him to the big field/dog park down the street from us yesterday, and let him go off-leash for the first time (he wasn't totally off-leash, I left the leash hooked on to his collar and just dropped it. He didn't know the difference... :wink: ) and he did great, and had a blast fetching his ball. He LOVES to run!! There were no other dogs there at the time, which was fine by me; I wanted to see ow he'd do with just us there.

Anyway, here's not-so-great photos of the Toothless Wonder, and his summer haircut:

"I know you're gonna make me 'drop it' in two seconds..."

"I KNOW you're gonna make me 'drop it' in one second..."

"OK, I dropped it. Darn."
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OMG Lynn....his face is just the sweetest!!!!!!! You certainly have one expressive, photogenic pup there!!!! Keep the pix coming! They're wonderful! :D

Kathie,Raleigh & Molly! :D :twisted: :?
Matey has a very hansome nephew! I see a family resemblence. Love his summer cut :D

Thank you so much!!! Well worth the wait. He is soooooooo cute!! :lol:
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Lynn ... it's so great to be able to tell you (and everyone) what a darling doodle you have. I also see a fellow flip flop enthusiast! It was months before I could wear mine, and God Forbid I should leave one out. Ebbe no longer attacks them while on the feet, but they still have to be put away or hidden when not being worn. Your pictures of Dexter were great ... thank you!
Oh Lynn, they are just adorable :) He is looking more and more like his daddy all the time. I'm such a proud Granny, he and Sandy are just precious :)
Woof... its about time Auntie Lynnie - mom said you'd never post the pictures. You showed her! Woof woof. :twisted:


Awwww Lynn he is DARLING! Its so funny how completely different he looks from Sandy, but you can still see the family resemblence! I just LOVE his summer cut!

Thanks for posting them :) I can go to work happy now!

~Auntie Kristin
It's a good thing we don't have a "cutest doodle" contest, cause everyone on the forum would tie! :lol:
LYNN ...DEXTER is toooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! omg talk about getting a great puppy fix. I lov that face :D :D :D
Thanks everyone.....

I look at him now, and all I can think of is when all I had of him were photos that Di would send, and waiting for the day when I'd be looking into that face in person.

I see Kristin's photos of how Sandy is now, and I get all mushy remembering their last day together:

I really hope they can be together again some day....
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ohhhhhhhh i remember these and they still melt my heart :)
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