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Photo Gallery Issues

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I've had a couple of people inform me that they're having trouble uploading images to the photo gallery @

Anyone else having trouble? We did an update the other day...

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:oops: I just tried uploading and it failed. :cry:
The pic was under the KB maximum but it just failed.

any help or tips are appreciated!
It didn't work for me either.
You might want to try again, I have not been able to log in for a long time (onto the forum) and now I I noticed a new photo option at my startup page...looks like some changes have been made. (Sure hope to see those photos!)
This is what happens after I try to upload (pic was 324KB)
0 uploads were successful.

Error Report
The following uploads encountered errors:
File Uploads:
File Name/URL Error Message
1. DSCF0708.JPG Impossible to move.
I'm still unable to upload, too.
I hate to say this but I'm glad to hear it! I usually blame aol for this kind of trouble, and assume it's just me. :cry:

I'm sure Mark will help all of us as soon as he can!
Can someone try it now? I think it's fixed. Maybe... :roll:
I uploaded 2 pics, but when I tried to put them in the f1b album and fill in FILE TITLE and FILE DESCRIPTION it wouldn't take my file name or description. or both.
It said
Critical error
Destination directory albums/userpics/10070/ is not writable by the script !
Sorry, I forgot to check if it added the pics somewhere after they were loaded.
I tried this AM and got the same "impossible to move" error as Maureen.
OK, I just changed the permissions on the /userpics/ folders. It should be working now. :?:
sorry, not so fast.
When I tried to load a .jpg and add it to my album I got this message:
Disk quota exceeded

You have a space quota of 1024K, your files currently use 1530K, adding this file would make you exceed your quota.

then I tried to add it to the f1b album and the msg said
Critical error
Upload Failure - './albums/edit/'

Last time it said upload successful, but then I couldn't find the picture.

You're over quota... sorry. I'll see if I can increase your quota.

I raised the quota a little, but you're going to hit it again pretty soon. We'll need to figure out something else soon.

I increased quotas for the "Labradoodle Breeder" and "Labradoodle Owner" groups. You can join groups using the "Usergroups" link at the top of the forum.

Cool! Thanks Mark! I had reached my quota too and have been considering deleting some pics to make way for others.
Since you revised I'm having an easier time with photos than ever before I even called Stacy one time to have her talk me through doing a gallery!
Mark , I deleted all my old pics but I still get the error message unable to move....I have a file of 80kb...any suggestions..???
impossible to move error message.

anyone still seeing "impossible to move"
i'm a new user, and couldn't seem to add any of 'em...
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