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I have seen several people on this forum ask about hunting with a labradoodle and thought I would share my experiences from the just completed pheasant season in Iowa.

My wife and I got our labradoodle, Nellie, last June, she is now nine months old so this was her first season. I think all things considered, she did fairly well. There were times where there were other dogs pointing a bird and she seemed to be oblivious to it, but as the season wore on, she was really finding and flushing the pheasants. One of the things that was very impressive was how close she stayed to me. Many other people struggle with their dogs running too far ahead, but for the most part Nellie stayed within 15-20 yards of me. One of the things that disappointed me was that she never picked up a bird and brought it to me. This is not to say that she didn't find the downed birds, she did that well. She just would not pick them up. So I would just look for her wagging tail in the brush to find the birds. When a bird went down, she was on it very fast. It is a little odd, because she retrieves a thrown object out of the water very well. Anyways, just thought some people might like to know. Like I said, all things considered, I think she did well. Most people say not to expect much out of your hunting dog for the first couple years.
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