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Petsmart Petshotel Experiences

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We have a new Petsmart in our area that includes a Petsmart Petshotel. Everything about it looks good, but I'd like to hear from anyone that's used the Petsmart boarding.

Have you been impressed with their level of care?
Does the staff seem professional?
Have you had any negative experiences?

One advantage for me is that the Petsmart is close enough to my home that I could ask a couple of friends or neighbors to do a couple of spot-checks when we're out of town. (One friend is only about 10 minutes away.) Most of the other kennels are 30 minutes or more from my home and it would be a bit much to expect anyone to make a trip to check in on Baxter.

I don't need a boarding kennel yet, but I don't want to stress out the first time we go out of town.

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One is opening up near us too! I have one question though. WHERE do the dogs go to eliminate? It looks as though it is all indoors. Jett, Copper, and Halo would be mortified if they had to eliminate indoors. :lol: Hunter, not-so-much. :shock: Seriously though, I think my gang would try to hold "it" until they could get outside. Very uncomfortable.
That's what I was thinking, or artificial grass or something like that with an odor added that says "go here" lol. Unfortunately, Copper and to a certain extent Jett, only like to go in their own yards. Copper didn't go the whole time we were at my mil's for Thanksgiving. He waited until we got back home. He's been to Doodle Romps and won't go until we get back home. He doesn't eliminate on walks either. I'ts a blessing and a curse I guess. :roll:
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