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We have been very luck with Link.

He only peed in his crate once since we have got him. He was a little older than most puppies when you first get them, he was about 11 weeks old.

He has been so good though lately *knocks on wood* no accidents in the house, has started going to the door when he has to go to the washroom and sleeps right through the night. Now this hasn't happened magically, as my wife and I are very careful to make sure we pay close attention to him, always repeat the very same actions and praise and follow the exact same steps when taking him outside. We always wipe his paws off when he comes in the house from being outside and he even stops at the towel now as he knows he will get a big hug and kiss when his feet have been wiped.

It just takes time and persistence. If there is one thing we have found out, it's that repetition is the key and works wonders!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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