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our new pups at 5 1/2 months

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Hi. I love looking at everyone's dogs... so I thought I would share an updated photo of Bongo and Jerry. I know they look a little pitiful in their crate, but it's hard to get a shot of them together with all the wrestling they do!

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Thanks! i think they are gorgeous too - and they are so different looking, even though they are brothers. We are so happy that they are ours. By the way, any advice on pee training? They are still having accidents in the house! Not a day goes by without one or two. I walk them twice a day, and keep a pretty good eye on them when they are free, which is quite often since I am a stay-at-home mom. I try to confine them to the kitchen. I use the odor eating spray.... but it seems that they can not stay free for more than an hour without a pee incident. Is this normal? I know they can hold it, since they do all night long in their cage. I'm just getting a little bit frustrated! Other than that (!) things are great!
One suggestion would be to limit the water intake. They get too much water, and they will pee all day long. I have a 4 mo old puppy that has not peed in the house in a couple of weeks, but his water intake is limited, and it gets taken away about 7 oclock.
They are adorable!
Very, very adorable puppies! Isn't it funny how different littermates can be? Each beautiful, but so very different...

I am certain that you have a lot of advice about potty training a puppy, so I thought I'd share an article about training an adult dog...since yours are in between, maybe some of this advice will help: ... C=0&A=1072

You have a much more difficult problem with two dogs...I know because I raised littermates was a wonderful experience, but certainly had its the end, it is all hang in there, and check in with the forum when you are facing difficulties. We may not always be able to help, but we certainly do support one another!
The one on the left of the photo looks mt Otto!!!!!!!!!
They are gorgeous!! I can't believe they are brothers. So different but both so beautiful!
Brothers! what a surprise!
Who's who? I think the crate-shot is really cute. like inmates!
The white one looks a lot like my Biscuit. They are so sweet.
I dont think you could take away the water if they are on dried food? what do you think?
Hi Angie,
I agree with you...I wouldn't take away the water...but then I do know of many who do and it works just fine...personally, I know the when I am thirsy, I want to get a I feel like my dogs should have that same opportunity. Especially now that the weather is getting hotter.
I have never had a problem with potty training and I keep a water dish filled all the time...and my dogs are heavy drinkers!
I have never taken away water, as in depriving it, but I have controlled WHEN access to water is allowed, for the sake of encouraging success in housebreaking. Just like my kids can have as much food as they want at the appropriate times. I think housebreaking two is more than I could do tho, so my hat's off to those of you who have done it!
If I gave Fozzie water all night long whenever he wanted it, he would be pottying all night long. I did take the water up, but I would give him a little. I mainly just limited his intake in the evening. They have free range of drinking all day long, and now that he is older, I let him drink longer, but I am always up late anyway, and with water down constantly, they always have to go potty.
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