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our new doodle, caesar with co-star brutus

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beautiful dogs. I laughed so much at the other dog peeping in through the fence hoping he could join in!

Your boys look so happy together!

Thanks for sharing these pics with all our doodle-loving friends. You guys have been really great and I'm so glad you have 2 of our babies.

:D :D :D :D

by the way is it just me or are # 5, 7, & 10 cute enough to frame in a cluster on the walls? What a first day together!

AWWWWW they are both beautiful, and it looks like they are already getting along GREAT! thanks for the pictures! I l0ve l0oking at them!
Those pictures just make me smile! So cute!!!
great pictures!

I love the one where they both look like they are smiling.
Oh I love these pics....they are just so cute!!
That was fun to watch. Toby needs a baby brother. Your boys looked as though they were meant to be together.
What a PAIR!!! I love it! They look like they are best friends already!

PS: where did you get Cesar's collar? its SO cute!!!

It's actually from lupine pet - - although I didn't buy it online I got it at the Pup 'n' Suds in Parker, CO. They have a chew guarantee where you can send it back and they will replace it - we have the leash to match.
I am so glad my boys love each other already - with Brutus being a bit of a dominant one I was afraid he might try to be too alpha with the pup - but its just the opposite - he actually seems to play a little softer with him and lets him crawl all over him!

It was so great - Brutus wanted to play with him the minute we brought him home!
I love the pictures! They are adorable. What is the age difference? We just got our 2nd doodle on Monday, we have a 6 month old chocolate doodle and now a 12 week old cream doodle. They seem to be adjusting well and having fun together. Your boys are beautiful! :D
how are Caesar and Brutus doing these days?

I regret to say we still have some of Caesar's brothers and sisters here. :cry:

By the way, Brutus was born 9/18 and Caesar 4/4, so they're about the same difference as your 2, Lisa. have you posted pictures yet?
These pictures are a riot! Thanks for, what cutie pies they are! did goooood! :D
Maureen here is a photo of our 2 doodles, they are getting along very well. There are other pictures posted also. I have a question about males vs. females. Someone mentioned yesterday that males have dominance issues, is this true? I have never had a male dog before so I'm trying to figure things out. Is potty training any different for males or because he was older when we got him? So many questions! I just glad there are so many resources here on the forum! Thanks. :lol:

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Lisa you have the reverse of Brutus and Caesar!

Who was older when you got them? I would think a 6-mo old male might pose some challenges to housebreaking, but I wouldn't consider 12wks "older" for bringing one home.

maybe you can clarify. Was Lani older?
Our chocolate, Lani, we got at 8 weeks. She was born on Christmas, Toby was born on 3/31. We picked him up on Monday, I made a semi-impulsive decision to get another doodle. He is just as sweet as can be with some horns popping up behind his ears! :lol: He is going to be more of a chewer than Lani. We had never raised a puppy until Lani. Our first dog came to us in 2001 and was 6 months and was completely potty trained and did not chew a thing (except loaves of bread and buns). She suddenly died in January and this is where our (my) doodle adventure began. Thanks for the info.
Oh, male is the most wonderfully calm and sweet boy! All of the girls in our house push him around! And he is intact!
I understand that if the male is neutered before his hormones kick in, he won't have any "male" issues...but as I said, my male is not at all dominant...not at ALL! (I honestly think I would select a male for my pet from now on...I love my girls, of course, but Chase ... my male... is one very special dog!)
WOW, those are the cutest pictures! I think you are brave! we got a doodle because my husband fell in love with your picture of Brutus. i don't think we are quite ready for another one yet. but if we do, you can bet we'll go to Maureen for sure! I hope to see lots of pics on here of your two guys, but don't stop my hubby in the halls at work and try to talk him into getting another one, okay???? my hands are pretty full right now...but maybe someday....

Thanks for all the nice comments about our boys! They are still doing great - and we should have some more pictures to post soon!! Caesar is now almost 20 lbs - they grow so fast!
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