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our first snow!

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after a little trepidation this morning....walk, sniff, turn around, sniff footprints, look to me for advice.....Jonah discovered the joy of snow! :lol: he got so crazy in it i had to put him on the lead so he could scamper, frolic, leap with joy, snort the snow, get a beard full. the bad news it was a seven am and i didn't have my camera. He thought i was crazy for shoveling all the "joy" off the driveway! :cry: When i got home today, more camera again. he also discovered that frozen sticks taste much better than than the other variety! :D
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We only had a dusting of snow...BUT we had some ice.
Max discovered how to run and slide hahahaaa almost dragging me down to the ground. He loves it!!! and yes it enacted a tazmanian doodle run thru the leaves, on the snow and slide on ice to home base with me trying like hell NOT to fall down on my face. :)
Jealous! Jealous! Jealous! We had a tiny bit of snow at our vacation house over Thanksgiving and Dakota loves it! We're going back over Christmas and New Year and we are so hoping for a good snow fall! Can't wait to see all of the slippy-slidey snow pictures! :wink:
Diane (and Dakota)
We have one patch of ice on the driveway that Jonah hits both ways,slides, turns around with a "what the..." look, then continues on his way. priceless! :wink:
You guys are sooo lucky! I can't wait for the first snow!
We had flurries again today, so it won't be long now.
Bella is going to love it! She loves the colder weather
and has been playing alot outside by herself.
She'll lay on her belly and kind of schnuff
(is that a word? :lol: ) her nose in the frosty grass.
She is going to LOVE snow!
me too!! I cant wait for the first snow.

I took two puppies up to the big city (st louis) on sunday for delivery and I had my cute heels on trying to look nice and professional and there is all this white stuff LOL who would have know there was snow all over. Heels and snow dont mix! But the good news is I got to see two puppies first reaction to snow it was adorable!!!

My parents went up to chicago yesterday and it was their Mollys first snow too, they had to call to tell me how much fun Molly is having and how she scoops the snow and rolls in it etc!

Thinking snowy thoughts and impatiently waiting for it :)
Linda I love that word "schnuff" it's perfect!! 8) just like that other word someone used "Snoogers" :p for doodle nose prints on windows.
hhhaha that is how Max sounds linda " schnuff schnuff" as he sniff deer trails, tall grass, every leaf we walk bye :roll: etc he looks more like a bloodhound on a scent trail ...and every so often stands, then Points at nothing. :wink:

Max comes to life outside in this cold weather & decided today I am going to wear ski pants to stay warm walking Max in my yard as we cover all 6 acres..

My boys 14 & 17 can't wait to have Max snowboard :shock: with them in the backyard( when we have enuff snow). I can see Mad Max chasing them now.
Bella does the whole 'following a scent' process too!
Max will love the snowboarders. The one and only time Bella broke throught the electrical fence was to chase my son on his skateboard down the driveway.
today i got home for work and we had about an inch of snow. i'm thinking, yes i can get that Christmas foto of Jonah with a santa beard full of snow! :lol: i get my camera, let him out of the "whale", put him on his tie out, he frolics, snorts snow, throws frozen sticks in the air, gets completely snow covered....yes!! perfect picture. pull out the camera, turn it on, focus, push the button......battery.....dead :shock: .akkkkk!! well as mom'll snow again! :wink:
AcK is right! But, mother's are always right, it will snow again (probably more than you could ever want - hehehe 8) )
yeah!!! got pictures!!! :lol:

frozen sticks.....yummy

more frozen sticks!!!

dripping on the carpet....of course! :roll:

put batteries in the camera, but didn't adjust the clarity :roll: .
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I LOVE the photos! Great shots, guys! And finally our black doodles show up well in the white snow :lol: Now I just need some snow!
linda, i'm getting ready to go to the post office to send packages. want some snow? how about a poopsicle! :wink:

nice shot of max....i see devilishness in that eye! :lol:
duh, just noticed i posted the same pic twice.....i'm gonna try to edit :oops:
i just love a snow faced doodle.....what a cutie!! :lol:
I have a great picture for this one too, if only I knew how to post the pics here :oops:
dixiedi said:
I have a great picture for this one too, if only I knew how to post the pics here :oops:
you totally had it, you just clicked a few too many things!
here cut n paste below! then copy the whole line and you will be set!

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Ok, here goes! Archie playing in his first snowfall! He LOVES it :D

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You are a very good teacher Movistar, I am forever indebted :lol:
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