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Our dogs sold a home ...

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Our dear sweet neighbors of many years are moving...They listed their home two weeks ago. I looked out one afternoon and the real estate person was showing the house to a young couple with a baby...Our dogs were standing at the gate eagerly getting a lot of attention...
I stuck my head outside and assured them they were friendly dogs and called for them to come in ...I was worried my too horses scared away potential buyers...
A couple days later the neighbor informed me that the young couple loved everything about the house including the doodles next door ......They loved our non barking gentle giants....appears they are looking for a puppy and now are considering a doodle ....
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How funny!! What I wouldn't give to have Doodle neighbors all around us. We have yip yip dogs! :cry:
Gosh, Jackie, I think I'd have come to see about being your neighbor if I had known! :D
Your two dogs are so great, but even more importantly, you have such a nice personality and you are very funny. I would imagine that you would be a perfect neighbor!
I hope that you like them as much as they like you! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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