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This is long...sorry.

Someone just posted, on another forum, about her Labradoodle that has been diagnosed with Von Willebrand's disease. They are heartbroken, as you might imagine.

They discovered this disease, a form of hemophelia, when their groomer "nicked" an ear while grooming the dog...and the bleeding just kept flowing. The vet took tests and confirmed a diagnosis of vWD.

The family notified their breeder who said that they would replace her puppy with another if she sent her pup back.

Yes, you read it correctly. This breeder is breeding dogs that carry vWD and will only "help" this devistated family by forcing them to give up their beloved pet. Then, this family would get another puppy from the same breeder. (Likely affected with vWD or another genetic fault.)

What odds would you give another puppy from them if their breeding stock are carrieres of vWD?

Now, the reason I am posting this is to, once again, reinforce my plea to all breeders; test your breeding stock and take responsibility for the lives of the puppies you create and to the families whose hearts you are touching.

This particular breeder will continue to breed dogs that will inherit this and other diseases!

This breeder could have EASILY and INEXPENSIVELY tested DNA on their breeding stock to rule out vWD and 27 other genetic diseases! But...they chose not to. Why? Well, it would cut into their profit...and, worse yet, they don't want to know because if they know, they would not be able to breed those dogs...and those dogs are producing CUTE puppies that are matter their inevitable genetic disease. (50% of every litter produced by the parents WILL HAVE vWD, the other 50% WILL CARRY vWD. If those carriers are kept or sold as breeding dogs the disease continues to spread.)

I also plea to all puppy buyers to investigate and demand to see testing results from the parents...BEFORE you fall in love with a puppy from any breeder!

It doesn't matter if they are using AKC registered dogs...this registration does nothing to protect the health of the litters. It doesn't matter if they have a gazillion happy customers. It doesn't matter if they are selling the cutest little puppies in the world. What matters is if they care enough to produce the most healthy puppies and to share the risk with you if you are burdened with a tragic diagnosis.

What can you expect from your breeder in regard to this topic?
1) That they FULLY test their breeding stock BEFORE THEY PRODUCE LITTERS
2) That they have a contract that PROTECT YOU, not just themselves. (Ask someone to review the contract with you.)
3) That they agree to refund your money if you should decide to keep your stricken puppy, without condition.
4) That they sincerely care more for their puppies' lives than their profit

How can you tell that they care more for the puppy than thier profit?

1) They will demand an application from you and they will talk to you, at length, and they will be honest with you about their puppies.

2) They prepare to breed dogs by studying about how to be a responsible breeder, and they explain to you what they have learned, and what they do to protect the health of their puppies. They give you resources to do your own research. They will gladly provide you COPIES of the testing results for your puppy's parents.

3) They will only take a deposit from you once they have "selected" you as a qualified family for their puppy and only when they have been assured that you are ready to make the commitment to your puppy that will help it achieve its full potential

4) They will contract with you to refund your money if the puppy is diagnosed with a serious (life altering/painful/deadly) genetic disease. This contract will be for a minimum of 2 years and it will not be tied up with a lot of impossible red tape.

5) They will give you a copy of the contract before they take your money so that you, and they, are on the same page and if anything needs to be negotiated it can be done before money changes hands.

6) They will care more about their dogs, their puppies and their good name than they do about money.

7) They won't hide behind all of the "happy families" who have bought puppies from them...unless they can also PROVE that they have complied with the basics of good breeding practices.

9) They will tell you about the parent dogs pedigree and explain why and how they carefully selected the parents. They will know about the parent dog's personality and temperament and will tell you how you can meet the parent dog, if you desire.

10) They will take the puppy back, even as an adult dog, if you can not keep him/ matter what the reason.

YOU SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITY to these puppies. Do not buy from pet stores, puppy brokers, puppy mills or back yard breeders. The list given above will help you identify potentialy irresponsible breeders.

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Jac.......i pray that breeder will take those dogs out of the breeding program and Wish they owners knew
That's horrible......and this is how diseases make strike backs!!!

Possibly spreading the word on places like Pawsitive Id and Vetgen is good? AS prevention is worth a pound of cure so to speak.

I am saddened to hear of this news. Also perhaps people need to read up on the TYPES of tests and also realize NOT only why DNA testing
is so important but also which diseases can form if one is a carrier and/or affected. and WHICH BREEDS are prone to Vwb , etc!

I know of one breeder that had a accidental litter and informed all prospective people here dog had fair hips, giving them the choice
lowered prices drastically and also upheld their warranty. Also had the dog w/fair hips fixed asap. NOW sometimes fair hips
mixed with good to excellent is okay. But regardless, they did show honesty, responsibility.

I can ONLY pray this breeder will be responsible NOW and in future as well as has a early spay/no breeding rights clause!!
it doesn't fix the current litter situation but can reduce it.

FOR $62 including shipping a DNA test on breeding pair could have shown 21 diseases and been eliminated. Also providing answers BEFOREHAND
which dogs to breed and not to breed. Pawsitive ID can take 3 to 6 weeks to send results...anyone need results asap Vetgen does same testing quicker
but more expensive. I'd rather spend the $$$$$$$$ and PREVENT hereditary/congenital diseases along with HD. HOPE MORE bREEDERS do TOO!

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Hello everyone,
I'm a middle school student and I am currently working on a sort of 'research report' concerning the health of Labradoodles. It would help me immensely if you'd take 2 minutes and answer few short questions. Thank you so much in advance...

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