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On the subject of romps . . .

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I'm trying to organize a N. CA romp. Are you all able to reserve the park for a private romp? I'm having a bit of trouble with that. The park I have been talking to is happy to have our event but it is a public park and they don't seem to keen on prohibiting the rest of the public from using the park while we are there.
Diane (and Dakota)
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Is it a dog park? We don't reserve it for a private romp (they won't let us do that!) but I do give them a head's up. The park we have it at now doesn't like me advertising for the romp, but we haven't had any trouble yet- except for one of the forest preserve guys e-mailing me and telling me I can't host an event at a public park! I would say just go for it. The other people at our park don't seem to mind, and we don't care if they are there! Good luck!

Bridget, Summer, and Duke
Actually, I'm having pretty good luck. I've been working with city officials today and so far they are supporting the romp idea and will even let me advertise it as "semi-private". Since it is a public park, we could not turn anyone away that happened to show up. They are also encouraging me to try to get PAWS as a sponsor--they are very involved with the park. I have been working with the secretary of PAWS, and wouldn't you know, she has two Labradoodles and is very excitied about a romp!! :lol:
Diane (and Dakota)
Did they really email you and tell you that you can't host an event at a public park? That is nuts! Have you tried to call the other parks to see if they will allow it? I am not sure, but I think the one here would allow romps for a fee. Possibly the one in Naperville. I don't want you in any trouble!
Hey, Diane! Let me know how I can help! I am available now...and I can make calls, write letters, help plan...whatever!

I think that the reason you got the letter is a liability issue for the park owners/managers...if they allow private use of a public park, they may face some sort of funding reduction or liability issues. When they get a permit or license or grant to run the park, they have to agree to specific use and specific ways of running the park. These things are not seen by the general population, but can be a very serious legal entanglement for the owners.

Let me know what I can do to help out!
Thanks Jac!
These folks are being soooo cooperative! They just have no mechanism for collecting reservation fees, and as a public park, they cannot prohibit the public from using the facility. They are totally cool on us advertising the romp and DISCOURAGING others, but (as they put it) if a "stray" (no pun intended :lol: ) shows up, we need to open the park to them. I'm waiting to hear from my PAWS contact. Do you want to pick a date? Then we can start advertising this! I think we were thinking the mid to end Sept. We might possibly be able to partition off a part of the park. I guess I'll have to talk my husband into a Sunday drive one of these days to check it out! We will of course want to open this to our family poodles and labs. I also have some friends in the immediate area that might want to join us with a couple of other breeds--is that OK? I've not done this before!
Diane (and Dakota)
Sounds great...I really have no preference on a date...except that we might want to do it before school starts again...??

I am open to most all dates, just let me know and I'll be there!

You are doing such a wonderful job.

I think it is really fine to open this up to other folks and even to other "invited" dogs...because, many of the doodle owners also own other breeds and it would be nice to have them feel welcome too.

And, of course, anyone interested in meeting a doodle should be welcome too.

I agree 100% with what you are doing and will help in any way you would like...just give me a job or two! :D
When does school start again? I am open to most any weekend date as long as it is not around Labor Day--we spend the week up at Eagle Lake. And I agree with you about people that are curious about Labradoodles. I have a friend who runs a hunt club in Knight's Landing and he was a bit snobbish when he met Dakota :roll: but seemed to warm up to him in no time! --He even spent some time with Dakota on training! :D I'll be back in touch when I hear from my PAWS contact!
Diane (and Dakota)
this is exciting to watch!
why dont you guys schedule one in July so that if you want to get together in August more word will get out? :D
Good idea...we need time to spread the word!
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