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OMG this was soooooooo Wonderful

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A few of you know I have really bad food and environmental allergies,so for 7 -1/2 years I have been staying away from more than 50 foods.

I got retested 2 weeks ago and some allergies got worse, some better. The ones that improved, I'm allowed to introduce slowy back into my diet to see if I tolerate them

I had a grilled cheese Sandwich yesterday and hershey bar today - first time in 7-1/2 years - what a treat - and so far no allergic reaction !
I still have to be careful as my immune system is so out of wack I could still have an allergic reaction to something I didnt test allergic too, but that choc bar was soo darn good, I might have another in a few weeks :wink:

Just had to share

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Congrats and big Chocolate kisses going out your way!!! :lol:
Great Mary!! Sending chocolate your way.......have a nibble on valentine's day! :wink:
How exciting! There was a time where we had to take ALL foods away from my kids because of crazy allergy reactions, so I totally understand how wonderful this is!
Calm Down Mary Next thing you know we'll have to put you on a diet :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Mary, being a total chocolaholic I understand...I am so happy you could enjoy your treat. :p
that is great! I can't imagine not being able to eat chocolate!! Take it slow and hopefully you will be able to keep eating it :)
Congrats ((((((((((((mary))))))))))))))))!!!
and woman has to have chocolate in her life :wink:
The chocolate you can have, but the grilled cheese, now that's got my attention!!

Good for you Mary!!
Good to hear Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just in time for Valentines Day
Go get Momma some chocolate AB..............
7 1/2 years without CHOCOLATE?!! It's hard to imagine how you survived!

I'm glad you're able to add some foods back into your diet... especially the chocolate. :D

Wow, that must have seemed like the most heavenly dinner! Congratulations and here's to continued improvement and many nice meals and snacks to come!
Wow... I'm so happy for you!
I can't imagine going that long without chocolate!
Thanks everyone for the well wishes !

The thing I have missed the most was dairy - I won't be able to have a lot of it, Allergist said as bad as my allergies are if I start eating a lot of dairy I'll likely become allergic again, but hey a grilled cheese sand or yogurt occassionally will be heaven and throw in a hershey kiss or bar once a month, I'll be very happy
Ditto annieG - I can't imagine so long without CHOCOLATE.

Congrats on being able to have your treats!! Hope more dietary windfalls come your way!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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