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OMG! The Gentle Leader!!

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I got Bogie one yesterday. He wrestled with me while putting it on but when we started to walk it was a charm!!! Just twice, he started to rub it with his paws on the walk...........then that was it! I felt like I was walking on a cloud and didn't even have a dog there! hahahahaha!!
When he did his usual LUNGE at a ever so gently just brought him back to my side! I am one happy camper!!

On the flip side..............we had to buy a tether for when we're in the yard with him for a longer time... :cry: He's eating the tulips and all the wood chips! We don't leave him alone, and yesterday, it was a big help when hubby cleaned the garage. He kind of laid there a chewed on a bone and didn't get into any trouble..............not until I let him out last night!! SHEEEEESH! We have a deep fry turkey roaster that was loaded with peanut oil. Hubby accidentally spilled some and didn't tell me. :roll: tether he started eating the grass and leaves covered in peanut oil. Today he has the squirts!

But...............yahoooooo for the Gentle Leader! Our trainers are against them, but I wonder WHY???
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lindamarie said:
yahoooooo for the Gentle Leader!
That's exactly what Ozzie says when I come home from work! But I'm assuming you're talking about the training collar by the same name. :roll:

We use the GL collar on Ozzie and I would rate it at about 70% effective, better than the Gentle Harness and much better than the choke collar. But he's so limber that he could walk with his head twisted 180 degrees and it wouldn't phase him in the least. I wanted to try a prong collar but Carol says NO WAY.
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